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Technology experts to speak on practical applications for growers

Saving time, money and increasing overall efficiency is the goal of every grower. Learning how to do these things using Internet-based technology is the topic of a discussion forum that AgSense executives Terry Schiltz and Steve Sveum will be a part of at the Commodity Classic Convention and Tradeshow in San Antonio, TX on February 28th.


Schiltz and Sveum will join other expert growers and industry professionals in presenting and discussing the panel topic: Utilizing the Cloud for More Efficient Farm Management: Practical Applications for Interconnected Ag Technologies.

The panel will be demonstrating what they and their customers are using in their operations and how cloud-based technology is the present and future in streamlining farm management.

“The cloud has become the machine shed for the Ag technology tools that farmers use and store every day,” said Terry Schiltz, President of AgSense. “We’re well past the time when precision Ag and cloud-based technologies were a nice-to-have and are now in the must-have category for today’s growers to stay competitive.”

Attendees will receive real-world practical advice regarding what technologies are currently available, where to start, how to manage all the different pieces, and how to make it all work together.


Joining AgSense will be Roric Paulman of Paulman Farms in Sutherland, Nebraska and Steve Cubbage, owner and president of Prime Meridian, based in Nevada, Missouri. Paul Schrimpf, Group Editor of Crop Life Magazine, will be the moderator for the session, which is intended to be mostly interactive question and answer between the attendees and the panel.

Commodity Classic attendees can add the seminar to their show calendar by visiting the Commodity Classic website at

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