XYO Partners with Telematics Leader DRVR to Make Pan-Asia Vehicle Fleets Smartest and Most Cost-Efficient Globally

XYO, the technology that bridges blockchain to the physical world, today announced a partnership with top Asian vehicle fleet analytics and management leader DRVR. The partnership and subsequent deployment of XYO-backed Sentinels are expected to leverage location-based data to improve the companys analytics insights and overall vehicle management.

As a prominent Telematics and fleet management brand in Asia, DRVR (pronounced “driver”) is a solution provider serving companies managing vehicle fleets, as well as vehicle manufacturers directly. DRVR uniquely combines vehicle and fleet monitoring and data analytics, and is helping to transform the way vehicles and related services are organized and managed. The company was founded to connect the transport networks of Asia and is on track to become Southeast Asias leading IoT analytics platform. With business across many nations in the region and thousands of miles, DRVR offers fleet-management solutions to customers in Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar, and expects to announce further growth shortly. DRVR customers include global leaders such as Canon, Carlsberg, Mercedes and DHL.

“From our first conversation, we have been very interested in what the XYO team is doing with location verification, specifically as it applies to our far-reaching work with fleet management and analytics across Asia,” commented David Henderson, CEO and Founder of DRVR. “We are focused on turning Asias vehicle fleets into the smartest and most cost-efficient in the world. We’re confident that our partnership with XYO will help us move more quickly along that path, making use of relative location and other important heuristics.”

The XYO / DRVR partnership, initially centered around location verification Internet of Things (IoT) beacon technology from XYO, promises to dramatically improve fleet analytics to industry-leading levels, while driving down management costs and making the entire system even more cost-effective. DRVR expects the blockchain-enabled data gathering and record-keeping to drive significant new business insight and efficiencies, while maintaining gathered data on a distributed ledger. XYO will provide the decentralization, location data, and distributed oracle capabilities.

Were excited about our partnership and look forward to working very closely with DRVR, commented XYO Network Co-Founder Markus Levin. This young company is already respected for its innovative approach and insights in the industry. We like partnering with these types of forward-looking organizations to incorporate blockchain and our XYO capabilities into existing businesses. We expect to help DRVR create richer data sets and business efficiencies, which will support the company and their regional customers, in many concrete ways.

For more information, visit XYO Network and DRVR.

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