Tynker Launches “Tynker Junior” to Enable Early Learners to Develop Coding Fundamentals in a Fun and Intuitive Way

Tynker, the number one game-based coding platform that has helped more than 60 million kids start coding, today announced the launch of Tynker Junior, a new iPad app designed specifically for early learners aged 4-7 who are just beginning to develop foundational skills such as reading and writing. Tynker Junior is available exclusively on the App Store in the Kids section and includes 3 fun age-appropriate adventures with over 100 coding challenges.

According to research conducted by Google and Gallup, children who engage in scientific activities at an early age (from birth through age 8) develop positive attitudes toward science, build up their STEM “vocabularies” and do better at problem solving, meeting challenges and acquiring new skills. Tynker Junior was created with young kids in mind, so that early learners learn basic programming concepts like sequencing, pattern recognition, loops, counters and events that help to establish foundational STEM skills.

Tynkers range of learn-to-code solutions has enabled millions of school-aged kids to learn programming through text-based block programming. Tynker Junior, launching today on the App Store, uses picture-based block programming with fun characters to help kids develop animations, pursue adventures and solve puzzles and challenges. This enables young childrenwho have limited motor skills and are still developing hand-eye coordinationto learn to code using big blocks, pictures, voiceovers and tap-tap-tap interactions, without words or drag-and-drop or any other actions they may find too tedious or overwhelming.

At Tynker, we believe that kids of all ages should develop the critical thinking skills needed to become the ˜makers of tomorrow, said Srini Mandyam, co-founder and CTO of Tynker. We are very excited to launch Tynker Junior so that a whole new age group of children can begin to develop fundamental STEM skills that will serve them well as they progress in school and ultimately prepare for 21st century careers, in both technical and non-technical fields.

Tynker Junior Available Now, Exclusively on the App Store


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Tynker Junior was inspired by the award-winning Tynker programming language used by over 60 million kids and in over 80,000 schools worldwide to date. Tynkers graphical language and user interface have been redesigned for Tynker Junior to make learning to code easy for pre-readers, with word-free blocks, a tap-based interface with no dragging, friendly voiceovers, helpful hints, and a gentle progression of difficulty to motivate completion.

Using Tynker Junior, young children (ages 4-7) learn the fundamentals of coding by connecting graphical blocks to move their characters to solve puzzles and play games. This enables kids to learn sequencing and pattern recognition while collecting treasures; to use events and parameters to fix an ancient robot factory; to help endangered animals reach their homes with loops and counters; and to design their own robots and aquariums with picture-based code.

Tynker Junior currently includes 3 new adventures, including:

    • Get introduced to block coding as you meet all the inhabitants in the game
    • Design your own aquarium with different sea creatures, props and music
    • Help Gillie the Goldfish move through the maze to collect treasure
    • Learn sequencing, pattern recognition and critical thinking
    • Design different types of robots with code
    • Use tilt events to program a robot game
    • Use tap events to code your robots to dance and wave
    • Navigate the robots through a maze to collect power cells
    • Learn flexible sequencing as you solve the same puzzle in different ways
    • Help 8 endangered animals reach their homes in four biomes
    • Detect patterns and apply coding techniques to navigate a path
    • Use the wait command to avoid obstacles
    • Use numerical loops and block parameters to travel through complex trails

Parents of early learners can download the Tynker Junior iPad app directly from the Apple App Store under the Kids section. A monthly plan is only $.99 USD per month and an annual plan is only $9.99 USD per year with automatic access to new coding adventures which will be added to Tynker Junior in the near future.

Once kids are comfortable using Tynker Junior, they will then be ready to progress to the Tynker text-based coding app that includes 11 additional adventures as well as a full-featured Workshop to build games, control toys, and build Minecraft add-ons.

About Tynker

Tynkers award-winning creative computing platform helps children develop computational thinking and programming skills in a fun, intuitive and imaginative way. The platform is used by one in three U.S. K-8 schools and over 60 million kids across 150 countries. Tynker was founded by a seasoned team of technology entrepreneurs who share a passion for giving children the critical life skills needed to become leaders in the technologies of tomorrow. Global partners include brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Mattel, PBS, Sylvan Learning, and more. Tynker is accessible from any computer with an Internet browser, as well as via the Tynker iPad app, and offers both a free and paid subscription option. For more information, visit www.tynker.com.

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