Storbyte ECO•FLASH Named a Finalist in Storage Magazine Product of the Year Awards

STORBYTE, a leading storage technology developer and manufacturer, today announced that its ECO¢FLASH„¢ storage array has been named a finalist in the 2018 Products of the Year Awards by Storage Magazine and TechTargets

ECO¢FLASH is a finalist in the battle royal of Storage Arrays primarily based upon its Hardware Defined Storage innovations. Additional considerations for ECO¢FLASH to earn this award included its performance, ease of integration, ease of use, manageability, functionality and value. Storbyte is honored to be recognized by as one of the top 10 technologies in the world today.

End-Users have sent a very clear message that, Hardware architecture and design matters. Storbyte understands and agrees with these users. Hardware design does make a difference.

Storbyte ECO¢FLASH storage arrays provide an industry-defining balance between density, performance and flexibility for seamless expansion while establishing an industry leading cost/performance price point. ECO¢FLASH normalizes and improves IOPS and performance, maximizes rack density efficiencies, and eliminates the wear-leveling and garbage collection associated with all conventional Flash technologies while extending the usable life of the drives, delivering a True 10-year unlimited drive write per day warranty. These Industry exclusive features provide an obvious advantage for all customer use models but especially addresses the demands of High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications, data analytics, and large-scale digital libraries.

We appreciate being selected by Storage Magazine for this prestigious Product of the Year Award, said Steve Groenke, Storbyte CEO. We were proud to learn that the independent panel of analysts, consultants, end-users, writers and editors all recognized our commitment to deliver storage systems with advanced ˜Hardware Defined enterprise-class capabilities and advanced data services software layers that provide the right cost-correct, price-to-performance ratios their readers want.

Naming Storbyte ECO¢FLASH as one of the top 10 technologies in the world today is appreciated, said Joseph Drissel, Storbyte CTO. We recognize and are thankful to have received this very prestigious Storage Array Award.

About Storbyte

Storbyte, headquartered in Washington, D.C., manufactures enterprise storage arrays that offer performance, power management, reliability, density, efficiency, flexibility and affordability. The comprehensive line of Hardware Defined Storage„¢ products has a dramatically different architecture with a patented, abstracted command and control capability layer over a commodity-based multi-mode direct chip-access architecture. The company has not lost sight of what is most important to end users: sensibly engineered products at a cost-correct price point. Visit for additional information.

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