Sencha Debuts Ext JS 6.7 with Tooling Updates

Sencha, (a division of Idera, Inc.), a leading provider of cross-platform application developer productivity tools, today announced the release of Sencha Ext JS 6.7 with enhancements to its Modern toolkit that will help developers rapidly design and develop web apps for desktop and mobile devices.

As JavaScript frameworks evolve, high-quality web apps are becoming more efficient to build. Ext JS provides the most comprehensive, single-source solution with hundreds of components, plugins and tooling built-in. This release brings major improvements to Sencha’s powerful UI, allowing developers to build more feature-rich applications with an improved UX for its end users.

Ext JS 6.7 Modern features include grid filtering and locking, virtual scrolling for infinite grid, material chip, multiselect combobox and color picker. In addition, the Ext JS 6.7 Classic toolkit now includes multiple new component updates to grid, calendar, panel, charts, window, combobox, tabs and dashboard. Ext JS 6.7 supports plugins for JetBrains, Eclipse and Visual Studio.

Ext JS 6.7 is our response to customer demand. It truly underscores our commitment to provide the industrys most comprehensive collection of pre-integrated and tested UI components for JavaScript developers, said Sandeep Adwankar, senior product manager at Sencha. The Ext JS framework and UI library work together so dev teams can get their apps to market faster and more cost effectively.

Ext JS 6.7 Modern features include:

  • Grid Filtering – easily display grid records that meet multiple criteria of text, Boolean, date and number filters.
  • Locking Grid lock columns in the left or right region, or freeze pane, similar to Excel
  • Chip – make selections, filter content and trigger actions, configurable for desktop or mobile.
  • Multiselect Combobox – view multiple selected values as chips in the combobox.
  • Color Picker – select the color picker using color swatch, form field or color selector, as well as HSVA or RGB.
  • Virtual Scroller – scroll far beyond a browsers normal maximum scroll range.

Ext JS 6.7 tooling updates include:

  • ExtGen – new open tooling templates that support the Ext JS 6.7 framework.
  • Sencha Cmd – with enhanced developer control over application compression options.
  • JetBrains Plugin – supporting the latest 2018+ versions.
  • Eclipse Plugin – supporting the latest Eclipse Neon, Oxygen and Photon versions.
  • Visual Studio Plugin – supporting Visual Studio 2017.
  • Ext JS Examples – to get started quickly with Ext JS 6.7 and open tooling:
    • Full Stack Employee Directory (Coworkee) application – Github Repo
    • Full Stack Progressive Web App (PWA) Application – Github Repo
    • Modern Tutorial Sample Application – Github Repo
    • Quick Start Sample Application – Github Repo

To learn more about the key capabilities of Ext JS 6.7 and Ext JS Tooling:

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