Pigzbe nears Hard-Cap. Total funding hits $7.2m after first day of ICO

  • Pigzbe piggy-wallet project sprints towards $8.8m hard-cap with $1.6m left to go
  • Project has raised a total of $7.2m in Wollo token crowd-sale, flying past $2.85 soft cap
  • Project uses a physical device to save, store and send pocket money and teach kids about money management

 Pigzbe, the digital piggy-wallet which runs on a new bespoke cryptocurrency called Wollo (WLO), has hit $7.2m in total funding through its token crowd-sale.

This leaves just $1.2m of WLO remaining available, and guarantees delivery after far-surpassing the project soft cap of $2.85m.

The London-based fintech startup is the brainchild of Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree Filippo Yacob, Kano computer designer and Pentagram partner Jon Marshall, as well as former Apple, Visa, Paypal and Google employees.

In addition to an ongoing successful crowd-sale, earlier this year Pigzbe also won first place at the hotly contested ICO Race in Lugano, Switzerland, the highest ICO prize in the world ($600k), which also included a listing on Bitfinex, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

Pigzbe was created with the aim of teaching children about digital money and basic 21st-century financial principles. It pairs a physical device (a game controller and notifier) with a wallet app, which gamifies earning, saving and spending money.

Pigzbe aims to accelerate the uptake, and acceptance of cryptocurrencies worldwide by introducing families to the concept in a safe and secure setting. Pigzbe believes that cryptocurrencies are a crucial aspect in ensuring financial education is future-proofed. Gartner predicts that the crypto and blockchain-economy is estimated to exceed $3 trillion by 2025 – and store 10% of the world’s GDP by 2025 according to Deloitte.

Pigzbe’s offering will enable families to give pocket-money to children regardless of where they are in the world, instantly through the blockchain, and at a fraction of the current cost of international remittances.

Uniquely, Pigzbe’s is the first ICO to offer hardware rewards. Users who purchase 5,000 Wollo will receive a Pigzbe Pink console, and users who purchase 10,000 Wollo will receive both a Pigzbe Pink console and a Pigzbe Black cold storage wallet.

Filippo Yacob, CEO and Founder said:

  • “By creating a blockchain-first piggy bank, we have the opportunity to give an entire generation of children financial superpowers, while helping families get to grips with crypto along the way. 
  • The $7.2 million raised to date shows just how much the prospect of a crypto product designed for mass adoption resonates with token buyers and industry leaders. 
  • By sailing past our soft-cap, we’ve already guaranteed delivery of our platform and once the ICO closes on 31st October it’s full steam ahead with execution.” 

The team behind Pigzbe and Wollo include world-leading names in design, gaming, crypto, finance and technology. Together, the senior team brings experience from some of the world’s most innovative and successful companies including Apple, IBM and NASA. 

For updates, join the Telegram group athttps://t.me/PigzbeIC

To read the Pigzbe whitepaper visithttps://www.pigzbe.com/pdf/pigzbe_whitepaper.pdf