Openly Rare with Paul Kidwell Podcast Resumes 2019 Schedule

Openly Rare with Paul Kidwell, a monthly podcast series dedicated to the discussion around rare diseases, today announced today that it has resumed its monthly schedule with its February 2019 episode. Februarys podcast will feature a discussion with glioblastoma patient, Adam Hayden, who was featured in a September 2018 STATNews profile ( was diagnosed in 2016 and in this episode of Openly Rare he shares his story with host, Paul Kidwell.

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About Openly Rare with Paul Kidwell Openly Rare with Paul Kidwell is a monthly podcast covering all aspects of rare diseases and will feature conversations with newsmakers and leaders from the world of biomedical and academic research, patient engagement, caregiving, rare disease patients and their families, as well as others who in some way have been touched by the growing number of rare illnesses. The podcasts will cover a range of topics, including research and treatment, the business and science of rare disease drug development, patient storytelling, policy debates and the cultural impact of rare diseases.

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