Ocusell Releases New Tech for Auto Marketing

Ocusell, developers of proprietary technology to create, enhance and share professional photos instantly, announced today that the company has released its new professional marketing photography app for the automotive industry on both iPhone and Android platforms.

As the online marketing channel continues to grow for auto dealers, so does the need to create compelling digital assets that excite prospective car buyers, said Ocusell Founder and CEO Hayden Rieveschl. Marketing managers working in this segment are eager for a method of quickly producing photographic assets that will reduce the sales cycle and serve to differentiate them and their products from everyone else online. Our app offers that competitive advantage.

Currently, 86 percent of car buyers are shopping online before going to a dealership. With more than 100 online vehicle sales and marketing platforms competing for the car buyer, many consumers will never visit the dealership before making a decision. To compete, traditional dealers are embracing the online marketing channel, but doing so effectively requires access to good product photography. The traditional solution has been to engage an expensive photographer, schedule a photo shoot and then wait for photo processing. Its an expensive and time-consuming process. Ocusell changes all of that.

Ocusells app allows users to capture and share high quality product images instantly, drastically reducing time to market and providing a critical time advantage over competitors. Users only pay $2.99 per month, a fraction of what a professional photographer would charge. The apps photographic assets are hundreds of times cheaper, reducing overhead and increasing profit margins. Best of all, the apps proprietary algorithm edits the images automatically, creating breathtaking product photography in seconds.

When youre competing online, the picture the prospect sees makes all the difference, Rieveschl said. Its much more than just a first impression. Independent studies have shown that products presented online with professional quality images sell 32 percent faster than those without. For cars, its 50 percent faster. More than that, the right image results in higher prices — as much as 20 percent higher. Thats a huge win for the auto industry.

In a survey conducted by StartUpCincy, Ocusell images of cars for sale performed better than those produced without the app. In the blind test, 75% of users chose Ocusell images over images from real-life car listings online. These images consisted of the same angled shots of both luxury and economy vehicles, including both interior and exterior vehicle images.

For more information about the product or to schedule a live demo, visit the companys website.

About Ocusell

Ocusell is a privately funded technology development firm and creator of a proprietary technology that allows users to generate stunning, professional quality images instantly with their cell phones. The tool has changed the way people generate high quality photos to buy, sell and share online. In use today by marketers in the automotive, real estate and hospitality industries, the app edits photos automatically so they can be shared online in an instant. Ocusell is giving sellers the tools they need more effectively online. For more information, visit the companys website at www.ocusell.com.

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