GOOVIS G2: Virtual Reality of the highest level

Virtual Reality (VR) glasses are the future: discovering foreign worlds, fighting with Ninjas or watching the dolphins underwater – all done from the comfort of your home. GOOVIS G2 makes that possible.

Showcased at IFA 2018, GOOVIS G2 Personal 3D Cinema is housed in the lightest integrated headset ever. Equipped with two Si based Micro-OLED screens, an intuitive Android operating system with Wi-Fi and HDMI capability for seamless connectivity across all available devices and a battery life of approx. 4 hours, GOOVIS G2 is the best way to enjoy your favorite content anytime, anywhere.

GOOVIS G2 offers pure private cinema

GOOVIS G2 enables a space-filling and realistic film or game experience, which is unprecedented in the VR headset range. Users are impressed by the sharpness of the pictures. Users have an IMAX cinema experience with a perceived screen size of 800 inches – including an optical distance to the screen of approximately 20m. The positive result: Eyes experience virtually no fatigue – an important aspect when watching long movies or experiencing intense game consumption. Even spectacle wearers need not be afraid to remain excluded from the viewing pleasure: GOOVIS G2 offers an adjustable viewing range, which considers lens prescriptions, ranging from +3D to -8D diopters, to be adjusted independently.

Two OLED displays


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GOOVIS G2 consists of two 1920 x 1080 OLED displays (almost 4K), 3,147 pixels per inch, can stream numerous apps like YouTube and Netflix. Storage space for viewing content is 32 GB.

Headset only weighs 200g, enables a comfortable wearing experience. Compared to other headsets, GOOVIS G2 can be worn for any length of time, which is favored by frequent digital media consumers.

PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or similar devices can easily be connected via HDMI. Bluray signals are also supported. GOOVIS G2 can also connect to Apple devices via the Lightning Digital AV Adapter, and headphones are supported by Bluetooth technology.

A strong battery allows unrestricted viewing pleasure. To save space and to bring the headset to just 200g the battery was installed in the controller, not the headset.

Reality Technologies is the exclusive GOOVIS distributor in Europe (except UK), and will start sales of GOOVIS G2 from October 2018.

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