ZoomInfo Opens New Corporate Headquarters

Zoom Information, Inc. (ZoomInfo), the leading data intelligence platform for sales and go-to-market organizations, has moved into a new headquarters, located at 170 Tracer Lane, Waltham. Joining company CEO Derek Schoettle and CFO John Rogers for the opening ceremony were Waltham Mayor Jeannette A. McCarthy, Representative Thomas M. Stanley (D – 9th Middlesex), and Senator Michael J. Barrett (D – 3rd Middlesex).

The new headquarters is a single-tenant, three-level space with a planned capacity for 450 people. The layout is flexible and can be expanded to support the companys rapid growth. ZoomInfo has nearly doubled in headcount since July 2018 and has nearly 450 employees globally. The 170 Tracer Lane location, which will soon be renamed 100 Data Drive, has over 60 meeting rooms, lounges, and lunch areas, as well as mothers rooms, game rooms, an exercise room, and showers. The building features a striking horizontal lighting design and is highly visible from Route 128/Route 95.

This is a momentous day in ZoomInfos history, Derek Schoettle, CEO, ZoomInfo said. This incredible, state-of-the-art facility wouldnt be possible without our relentless workforce, loyal customers, and the cutting edge data intelligence platform we provide to make sales and go-to-market teams successful. Weve increased revenues by nearly 300 percent in the last four-plus years and 2019 promises to be another year of tremendous growth as we approach our commitment to sales and go-to-market organizations with laser-like focus. We are proud of the role ZoomInfo has played in the continuing evolution of the Boston technology scene, and look forward to continuing our accelerated business growth in the city of Waltham.

ZoomInfo made many important enhancements to its team and go-to-market model in 2018, beginning with the appointment of Schoettle as CEO in July – and recently concluded the most profitable year in company history. The growth that is fueling this move is a reflection of ZoomInfos shift from its legacy as a contact data provider to a content and intelligence company. ZoomInfo has consistently demonstrated its commitment to amassing the highest volume and highest quality information in the industry, accomplished through the companys own internal processes, which collect, check, curate and validate data on an ongoing basis. This commitment was further amplified ZoomInfos acquisition of Datanyze, the leading provider of technographic data. Through the maturation of technologies that enable the company to personalize and deliver real-time, actionable content to every user, ZoomInfo has transitioned from providing static to dynamic content that is a must-have in the sales and marketing technology stack.

Below are comments from the participating public officials and executives:

  • Waltham Mayor Jeannette A. McCarthy – I just finished touring ZoomInfos beautiful new location. It is spectacular. I welcome them here and hope they have many more years of business success in Waltham.
  • Representative Thomas M. Stanley – Ive enjoyed learning more about what ZoomInfo does and Im impressed. As you were expanding, you could have gone anywhere. I hope that when people think of ZoomInfo, they will think of the Boston-area and this great building in Waltham.
  • Senator Michael J. Barrett – Congratulations to ZoomInfo on their beautiful new space. Were pleased to have you in Waltham. I know how critical the information you provide is for your clients. Thanks to your CEO, CFO and entire team for todays office opening – were happy to be welcomed here.
  • Derek Schoettle, CEO – Weve grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and that growth will continue and accelerate in the future. Were pleased to have a new space to call home that allows us to attract talent from such a wide swath of the state. Thank you to our staff for all you do. We would not be here without your work.
  • John Rogers, CFO – This is a great day for ZoomInfo. This building is designed for us to work hard, play hard and enjoy the space. I want to thank all the people who helped us get into this building. Great job, keep up the great work and welcome to the new building.

Photos of the event and office can be found on ZoomInfos Facebook page.

About ZoomInfo

Zoom Information Inc. (ZoomInfo) brings together data and technology to drive the revenue engine. Backed by the most comprehensive business database in the market, ZoomInfo combines user behaviors, business data, and artificial intelligence to streamline the sales workflow and deliver revenue results. For more information, visit www.zoominfo.com, demo our data dashboard, or call 866-904-9666.

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