Veriphyr CEO Alan Norquist to Present at America’s Growth Capital’s (ACG) 15th West Coast Technology Growth Conference



WHO: Alan Norquist, CEO. Norquist has over 30 years as a product/service and marketing executive in early-stage high-growth compliance, data analytics, and data integration companies in Boston and Silicon Valley. Norquist was a co-founder of Cambridge Technology Partners (IPO), the VP of marketing at Imperva (IPO), and an early executive at Trovix (acquired by Monster). Experienced in finding product-market fit, driving the rapid evolution of services/products, and establishing dominant market leadership, Norquist holds a degree in engineering (BSE) from Princeton University and an MBA from University of California, Berkeley.

WHAT: Veriphyr Structural Analytics„¢ alert healthcare Chief Privacy Officers (CPO) to the impermissible use of patient data by employees the first time it happens, preventing regulatory fines, legal judgments and costly incident response. Regulators have dramatically increased privacy requirements over the past two years in US (HIPAA), Canada (PHIPA) and EU (GDPR). The established market is under-served and under-penetrated by first-generation, rule-based, licensed software. Veriphyr SaaS data analytics subscription service is uniquely accurate, proactive, automated, and frictionless. Rather than relying on rules, static/generic job definitions or title/departments, Veriphyr Structural Analytics„¢ automatically analyze the unique structure of each organization, find its unique job responsibility profiles and dynamically assign each worker to the profile appropriate for him/her at the time of each access in order to accurately detect impermissible use of medical records the first time it happens.

WHERE: ACGs 15th West Coast Technology Growth Conference, The Hilton, San Francisco, California.

WHEN: Monday, March 4 at 2:00 PM

HOW: Contact Majed Tomeh, CFO, at [email protected] or 781-367-7900 to schedule a conversation at the conference or via conference call.

About ACGs 15th West Coast Technology Growth Conference

The premier showcase for fast growing, predominately private technology companies. Throughout the two days, investors schedule one-on-one meetings with the CEOs of a select group of industry leading companies.

About Veriphyr

Veriphyr advanced data analytics proactively detect and report impermissible use of patient data by employees, contractors, and anyone else with access to clinical or business applications. The Veriphyr HIPAA privacy compliance solution delivers the right information, at the right time, to maintain regulatory compliance and ensure the highest level of patient privacy.

Majed Tomeh, CFO
[email protected]