Venafi Expands International Operations to Japan

Venafi, the leading provider of machine identity protection, today announced the expansion of its international business to Japan, signing a master partner contract with NSD. Under the agreement, NSD will distribute Venafi products to the Japanese market.

There are two actors on every network“people and machines. People rely on usernames and passwords to authenticate themselves so they can access applications and services. Machines also need to authenticate themselves with other machines in order to communicate securely. Today, organizations spend over $10 billion protecting and managing usernames and passwords, but they spend almost nothing protecting and managing the keys and certificates that serve as machine identities. As a result, many organizations suffer from damaging service and system outages that occur when the certificates that serve as machine identities unexpectedly expire.

Venafi is the leader in machine identity protection, with solutions that discover the keys and certificates used by many different machine types, including physical and virtual devices, IoT devices, applications, and algorithms. Venafi provides the intelligence and automation necessary to eliminate certificate-related outages and uniformly enforce company and regulatory policies.

Under the new agreement, NSD will be Venafis master partner in Japan, providing sales and local language support through NBI partners.

••Venafi CEO Jeff Hudson said: Protecting machine identities is the foundation of security in our digitally transformed world, and NSD is bringing this critical capability to Japan. Recent certificate expirations have resulted in the massive failure of Japans wireless networks, and organizations that do not utilize machine identity protection solutions frequently experience these types of failures. Our partnership with NSD will make organizations in Japan more secure and less susceptible to system failures.

••Venafi VP of WW Field Operations Christophe Culine said: Were thrilled to work with NSD as we build our presence in Japan. They are a perfect strategic partner, offering tremendous value-added services and expertise and extensive experience in bringing innovative technology products to the Japanese market.

••NSD Business Innovation VP Toshihiro Sakurai said: Do you happen to know that a variety of system failures related to digital certificates have occurred in Japan?

X.509 certificates guarantee secure connections between machines if they are correctly managed. However, due to the adoption of mobile and IoT devices and DevOps projects the number of machines is growing rapidly. Today, there are more machines on enterprise networks than there are humans.

In addition, digital certificates are necessary for nearly every aspect of our lives. For example, MyNumber cards (the Japanese version of social security numbers) include certificates.

Unmanaged certificates that expire unexpectedly can cause serious outages that are difficult to diagnose and manage. In addition, vulnerabilities in encryption algorithms can increase security risks. As a result, businesses with poorly managed certificates can suffer serious business interruptions that damage customer relationships.

The Venafi solution can discover all unmanaged certificates and automate the entire certificate life-cycle.

As part of our relationship with Venafi, NSD would like to contribute to the creation of the best information and security infrastructure for our customers.

About NSD Business Innovation

NSD Business Innovation was established on 1st April 2013 by NSD to focus on selling solutions services. NSD has a specific focus on security solutions such as malware protection and certificate management.

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About Venafi

Venafi is the cybersecurity market leader in machine identity protection, securing machine-to-machine connections and communications. Venafi protects machine identity types by orchestrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates for SSL/TLS, IoT, mobile and SSH. Venafi provides global visibility of machine identities and the risks associated with them for the extended enterprise“on premises, mobile, virtual, cloud and IoT“at machine speed and scale. Venafi puts this intelligence into action with automated remediation that reduces the security and availability risks connected with weak or compromised machine identities while safeguarding the flow of information to trusted machines and preventing communication with machines that are not trusted.

With over 30 patents, Venafi delivers innovative solutions for the world’s most demanding, security-conscious Global 5000 organizations and government agencies, including the top five U.S. health insurers; the top five U.S. airlines; the top four credit card issuers; three out of the top four accounting and consulting firms; four of the top five U.S., U.K., Australian and South African banks; and four of the top five U.S. retailers. Venafi is backed by top-tier investors, including TCV, Foundation Capital, Intel Capital, QuestMark Partners, Mercato Partners and NextEquity.

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