“VCs in a Van” Takes TV Viewers on a Wild Ride behind the Scenes of Startup Investing


Four well-known San Diego entrepreneurs and investors have formed a partnership to produce and star in a six-episode TV program, VCs in a Van, that will air Sundays at 6 p.m., Mondays at 7:30 p.m., Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m. on Cox Channel 4/Yurview 1004, on Time Warner and Spectrum, beginning December 2, 2018.

The VCs, including Neil Senturia, Tom Tullie, Mark Bowles, and Taner Halicioglu, take their van to visit compelling new businesses to see if they are investment worthy, and invite the audience to invest alongside them. This exclusive, hidden look at startup initiation and growth, success and failure issues, and the art of deal-making takes the audience on an entertaining and educational ride as the venture capitalists search Southern California in search of the Next Big Thing.

We want the audience to see what really happens when a business pitches a venture capitalist or angel investor for funding. Its not just a startup CEO standing in front of a room for eight minutes, its a behind-the-scenes look at the discussions the VC team has among themselves, as they travel to and from the business, poking holes and asking the tough questions, said Executive Producer Tom Tullie.

VCs in a Van turns its attention to the little guy, the startup that doesnt have easy access to Silicon Valley or big money investment banks. Unlike other investment programs, these VCs take it on the road to visit the entrepreneurs in their native company environments; theres no pitching in a sterile room with beautiful television backdrops. The production is gritty and documentary-style, using raw footage and lots of colorful language to show the real world discussions that go on among VCs while they consider the pluses and minuses of an investment deal.

We also wanted to shine a spotlight on San Diego and Southern California startups. We have a great local ecosystem to aid entrepreneurs and this region can compete with the best, added Bowles. We think we can help get deal flow out of the hands of a few local investors and into the living rooms of our audience.

The van guys are savvy business leaders and investors who have founded or run over 20 companies and created billions of dollars in corporate value “ by betting on the right startups and seeing the potential upside of investing in the next big idea. The viewer gets to ride along for some laughs, sound advice and the possible opportunity to invest themselves.

After all, says Senturia, who wouldnt want the chance to invest in the next pet rock? Frankly, Southern California has always lived in the shadow of Silicon Valley “ enough with that. Have wheels, will travel – the highways and the byways, baby. Bring it!

VCs in a Van is directed by Ken Gora, the director, producer and creator of the award-winning TV series The Romance and So You Think You Can Sell. Besides his television and film experience, Gora has also participated on the executive teams of start-ups and small businesses.

See the trailer for the show at: https://ql.mediasilo.com/#ql/5beb1652e4b0d0b389400c8b/af4c6233-c642-449d-a106-ad7baa7e9cc8. For more information: WWW.VCSINAVAN.COM

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