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US EB-5 program’s independent route for Hongkongers – New Biden administration makes immigration reform its top priority


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 10 February 2021 – During the first week of his
presidency, President Biden has executed six immigration-related executive
orders, including rescinding the Muslim ban, restoring the Deferred Action for
Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and halting construction of a U.S.-Mexico
border wall. This marks a return to policy where immigrants are welcomed and
valued for their contributions to the economy and society.

Even though the Biden administration’s
proposed immigration reform bill, The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, doesn’t
mention EB-5 specifically, the program and EB-5 investors do stand to benefit from some of the measures in the
proposed bill, which favor economic growth and employment-based visa categories
including EB-5. These measures aim to clear employment-based visa backlogs, recapture
unused visas, and reduce lengthy wait/processing times.

Over the past 20 years, the EB-5 program has been a very popular pathway among
Chinese communities to obtain green cards by investing in the U.S. The
popularity has created a more than 10-year wait time for mainland-born investors.
 Hongkongers, on the other hand, still
enjoy a separate immigration line from the mainland investor without the long
wait, making EB-5 an attractive option.  

With a minimum investment of US$900,000, the
EB-5 program appeals to high net-worth individuals aiming to obtain permanent
resident status in the U.S. While the Trump administration cracked down on
immigration, experts anticipate positive impact on the program with the new Biden
administration in charge and President Biden has already pledged to undo many
of Trump’s anti-immigration policies.


The EB-5 visa
program grants investors the opportunity to live and work anywhere in the U.S.
and allows investors to return to their country of origin for personal or business
purposes if they maintain U.S. residency. For families looking to educate their
children in the U.S., there are even admission advantages and reduced tuition
costs available. “CanAm has always applied the investor-first mindset when managing
our investors’ immigration and investment capital,” said Mr. Tom Rosenfeld, President
and CEO of CanAm Enterprises. “We look forward to seeing the Biden
administration bringing more positive changes to the program, and CanAm will
continue to provide qualifying projects and top-notch services to our investors


has 30 years of experience exclusively promoting and administering
immigration-linked investment funds with a proven track record in assisting investors
achieve their immigration and investment goals. Having raised more than US
$3 billion of EB-5 capital for 60 projects, CanAm leads the EB-5 industry
in capital repaid to investors. As of December 2020, more than $1.75
billion in EB-5 capital from 45 completed CanAm projects has been successfully repaid
to 3,500 investors — representing their full loan amounts. Over 2,300 investor
families have already achieved their permanent resident status in the
U.S. through CanAm’s EB-5 projects with 7,200+ permanent green card issued
to CanAm’s Investors and their families. 


CanAm believes that trust is
born out of transparency and provides a fully audited immigration and
investment track record to our partners and investors. It is one of the first EB-5
Regional Centers to establish its own FINRA-registered
Broker-Dealer to ensure full regulatory compliance. A third-party
escrow bank is also set up for each investment project to safeguard the
investment funds. Headquartered
in Manhattan, New York, CanAm has local representatives in Beijing, Shanghai,
New Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. 


“Despite the turmoil in the
previous years, the U.S. remains one of the top migration destinations for
Hongkongers. Key appealing factors are the comparable salary packages, living
standard and quality of education. Yet it is crucial to choose a credible
Regional Center with sound repayment track record to partner with, and it is
exactly why we choose to represent CanAm for our local clients,” said Belinda
Chan, Managing Partner of CCGi, local partner of Global Migration Solutions and
CanAm Enterprises in Hong Kong.


helps Hongkongers achieve their path to citizenship by offering a “full
service” support and management role in going through EB-5’s six step process,
with the track record, financial infrastructure and legal expertise to offer full
regulatory compliance and investment security. CanAm is uniquely positioned as
a bridge between qualifying projects and accredited investors, and with a
responsibility to both, investors trust that CanAm is also invested in the
success of every investment. The process will take
approximately 24 months for a conditional Green Card, and another 21 to 45
months for a permanent green card.


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February 2021 (Friday)


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About CanAm Enterprises

With three decades of experience promoting immigration-linked investments in the United States and Canada, CanAm has a long and established track record. Basing its business on a reputation of credibility and trust, CanAm has financed 60 projects and raised nearly $3 billion in EB-5 investments. More than $1.4 billion in EB-5 capital from over 2,800 families has been repaid by CanAm’s 42 projects to date. CanAm exclusively operates seven USCIS-designated regional centers that are in the city of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the metropolitan regions of New York & New Jersey, the states of California, Hawaii, Florida, and Texas. For more information, please visit


Nexstgo comprehensively enhances its range of NEXSTMALL BIZ business solutions


Giving impetus to the development of SMEs with digital strategies to maintain their competitiveness under the ‘new normal’


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 22 February 2021 – As a developer and service provider of innovative digital and technology products, Nexstgo provides PCs, loT innovations, Artificial Intelligence application solutions, Information Technology solutions and more. Stepping into the new year, the “new normal” commercial environment continues to affect business IT purchasing decisions. In order to help SMEs be successful in their digital transformation and adapt to the new reality of remote working, Nexstgo has enhanced its business solutions available through the NEXSTMALL BIZ platform to provide a more comprehensive technology application strategy focusing on the business and commercial field. These include one-stop professional IT services, remote conferencing and VPN security systems, together with a wide range of branded NEXSTGO, VAIO and AVITA mobile computing products. Nexstgo ensures enterprises of any size and industry can find the most suitable software and hardware solutions on NEXSTMALL BIZ, helping businesses maintain the strongest performance under the continuously transforming business environment during the new year.

For more information on NEXSTMALL BIZ business solutions and exclusive offers for corporate clients, please visit:

Comprehensively monitoring the network security of customers, providing the most robust backing of IT consulting services at any time

With the routinization of “new normal” working practices, remote-work, WFH, online and cloud-based processes have become ubiquitous. Nexstgo has launched technological solutions specifically for network security management, including the installation of bank-level encryption software by Norton VPN for customers in business areas that require remote-work with a high level of integrated protection. When customers access the Internet on public Wi-Fi hotspots, these systems provide safe and effective online privacy. With the Veeam data encryption backup system, customers can work in any environment confidently. To enhance provision of security technology strategies, the company is also launching further products on NEXSTMALL BIZ, including the latest Targus Docking Station, which supports multiple USB interfaces and screen configurations; Targus Privacy Screen Filter, designed to protect high-value information; and Targus Security Cable Lock that locks the connection end of the transmission line to protect valuable resources on the device. Corporate clients who purchase designated VAIO notebooks on NEXSTMALL BIZ will also get the above-mentioned products and other valuable accessories designed to protect their business privacy. This enables customers to experience the most secure workflows, ensuring business privacy of the whole organization in the era of digital commerce.

As a strategic partner to SMEs, Nexstgo’s elite team also provides customers with professional IT support and technology operation consulting services, helping companies confidently achieve digital transformation and adapt to the “new normal”. These supporting services undertaken by the professional specialist team handle inquiries regarding computer products and software systems, and provide product management and technical support. Customers who purchase any NEXSTGO or VAIO laptop on NEXSTMALL BIZ with a subscription to a one-month IT support service will receive one-time free Data Migration support, allowing corporate clients worry-free activation of new computer equipment without affecting daily operations. Customers benefit from the strongest backing brought by the Nexstgo team whenever they need it, for peace-of-mind and smooth business operations ensuring productivity and performance.

Up-to-date video conferencing and mobile communication solutions: easily connect with customers online, anytime and anywhere

Understanding that many companies and employees have adapted to working at home or working without a fixed workplace, Nexstgo provides online and video conference software and hardware; such as NEXSTGO laptop products with dedicated functionality for online meetings equipped with a high-quality Dolby voice system, and Artificial Intelligence camera lens Huddly-IQ designed for remote video conferencing, etc. This offering provides the most accurate facial recognition and the clearest sound and picture performance, helping customers complete meetings more productively. NEXSTMALL BIZ also offers combination packages of software/hardware available at discounted rates. For example, customers can redeem a Huddly-IQ lens at a discounted price when purchasing a designated VAIO laptop; get 3-year on-site warranty and Jabra headset for free when purchasing a NEXSTGO SU03 laptop, a conference-specific model with FHD IR webcam and Dolby ATMOS. The choice of different combinations of software and hardware help managers select the most effective process strategies according to their business needs.

Nexstgo recognizes that companies must be able to achieve instant interaction and clarity of communication with customers as a key to being competitive. Therefore, Nexstgo has collaborated with outstanding customer service cloud platforms to launch cooperative business solutions. For example, corporate clients who buy any NEXSTGO or VAIO laptop on NEXSTMALL BIZ can enjoy a free service trial of customer interaction at Maaiiconnect platform, including free conversations with end customers on its platform for up to 5000 minutes and real-time web conversations. The package helps companies of all sizes to deliver excellent customer service, and to keep pace with fast-changing business environments. By taking advantage of these solutions and transforming into an e-commerce business – with the realities of the ‘new normal’ replacing traditional face-to-face service – companies can greatly increase their revenues, productivity and cost management performance.

About Nexstgo Company Limited

Established in 2016, Nexstgo Company Limited was co-founded by Mr. Wilson Leung, Chairman & CEO, Alco Holdings Limited (SEHK: 0328), and Mr. Alex Chung, out of a shared passion and pursuit of quality tech-innovation. Nexstgo is committed to bringing new revolutionary experiences in technology through introducing a wide product range, which includes PC, Smart home, IoT, artificial intelligence and corporate solutions. Nexstgo is growing steadily in the Asia Pacific region. In August 2016, its Hong Kong headquarters and Taiwan Design Centre were set up. In just four years, the company has expanded its business to 22 areas, and is fully committed to the development of the Tech Market. In June 2018, Nexstgo was authorized by VAIO Corporation to participate in the production, sales, marketing and after-sales services of VAIO notebook products in Asia, covering markets such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia and Singapore.

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Black Spade Capital Aims to Build an SPAC-themed Portfolio


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 22 February 2021 – 2020 proved to be a great year for Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs). The market saw more high-profile investors joining the party while a record number of companies went public through this unique structure. With a whopping US$80 billion raised by over 230 blank-cheque companies, SPAC IPOs not only represented approximately 50% of total IPO issuance in the US in 2020, the massive amount raised by SPACs even eclipsed traditional IPOs last year.

Mr. Dennis Tam, President and CEO

SPAC Trend Continues To Heat Up

While SPACs continue to be favoured by institutional and private investors alike in the US, they are also gaining momentum in Asia. Savvy investors in the East are catching up fast with the trend and among them is Black Spade Capital Limited, the family office of casino magnate Lawrence Ho Yau Lung.

“We aim to be one of the first Asian family offices to build an SPAC-themed portfolio,” said Mr. Dennis Tam, President and CEO of Black Spade Capital. He added that “of course, we have to be selective — only high-quality SPACs with great potential are considered”.

One catalyst, Two Criteria

Mr. Tam considers the current close-to-zero or, in some cases, negative interest rate environment as one of the catalysts that contribute to the success of SPAC IPOs. “Loose monetary policy means lower cost of funds and greater incentive for investors to look for new investments. SPACs enjoy a great start this year with over US$45 billion raised by more than 140 new SPACs to-date — the fact that both the number and size of SPAC deals in the first two months of 2021 represent some 56% of the full-year performance in 2020 reflects just how buoyant the SPAC market is. The whole SPAC trend has to do to a certain extent with the abundance of capital in the market seeking return. When the interest rate picks up, the trend may slow down” said Mr. Tam.

Mr. Tam commented that the family office places importance on the sponsors in terms of selection criteria. “There are two main criteria — sponsors’ reputation and their track record. Sponsors are the face of an SPAC. They set out the road map of the investment vehicle. Their track record gives us a glimpse of what the sponsors are capable of. I always find one-on-one investor meeting a good way to learn about the vision and strategy that the sponsors have for their SPACs. A reputable sponsor boosts investor confidence. Some people point out that sponsors typically receive 20% of the equity in the SPAC; in my opinion, this mechanism helps align sponsors’ interest with that of investors which is actually positive — as long as the sponsors deliver, they deserve a matching reward. After all, if the sponsors successfully acquire or merge with a promising target (i.e. de-SPAC), everybody wins” explained Mr. Tam.

The relatively straightforward structure of SPACs also begins to appeal to many family offices. “As the name suggests, an SPAC has the sole purpose of merging with a private company and taking it public. The tenor is usually capped at two years and the sector from which the SPAC identifies its acquisition target is announced before the SPAC is listed. The fund raised by an SPAC usually serves as a good indication of the size of the future target, which is typically 3x to 4x the size of the SPAC. This is the kind of clarity that investors appreciate,” explained Mr. Tam. “Also, SPAC issuers offer to redeem the shares from investors at a call price equivalent to the IPO price if they do not like the acquisition target. This capital protection mechanism affords greater assurance to investors” added Mr. Tam.

Mr. Tam believes that investor education will encourage more Asian family offices as well as other investors in the region to participate in this SPAC trend. “We had several rounds of in-depth discussions with various investment banks and private banks before making our first SPAC investment last year,” recalled Mr. Tam. “In the process, our bankers get to understand our investment appetite and selection criteria and are able to introduce different SPAC opportunities to us” said Mr. Tam.

In terms of Black Spade Capital’s target return with regard to SPACs, “We have seen some truly impressive performance of certain star SPACs, such as QuantumScape and Draft Kings, which have realized a return of close to 10x and 4x, respectively, in 2020. Naturally, we look for above average return and we believe the key to achieve this is to invest in quality SPACs at the time of IPO” said Mr. Tam.

About Black Spade Capital Limited (黑桃資本有限公司)

Black Spade Capital Limited is an established family office that manages the private investments of Mr. Lawrence Ho. Headquartered in Hong Kong, its global portfolio consists of a wide spectrum of cross-border investments as it consistently seeks to add new projects and opportunities to its investment mix. Black Spade’s investment strategy maximizes coverage of geographic regions and sectors whilst maintaining a portfolio of diversified asset classes, ranging from equity, fixed income, medical technology, leisure and culture, green energy, real estate to Pre-IPO investments.

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Kerry Logistics Network Extends Winning Streak at the Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards for Sixth Year Running


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 22 February 2021 – Kerry Logistics Network Limited (‘Kerry Logistics Network’; Stock Code 0636.HK) is honoured to be named the Outstanding Global 3PL for the fourth time running at the Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards (‘QOEA’) 2020. This was the sixth consecutive year that Kerry Logistics Network has been a winner of QOEA, which were announced in Hong Kong today.

Organised annually by leading Hong Kong financial news platform Quamnet, the QOEA aim to appraise and recognise the distinguished enterprises in Hong Kong and its spirit. Themed “Sagacity Built to Business Perfection” this year, the QOEA 2020 commended enterprises’ outstanding sagacity in times of challenge and change. Winning companies were nominated and selected by the judging committee made up of the Quamnet editorial team, the Quam Research team and independent financial analysts.

William Ma, Group Managing Director of Kerry Logistics Network, said, “2020 was a trying year filled with unprecedented challenges, which we strived to navigate and adapted to with ingenuity and flexibility. Therefore, we are particularly delighted to be awarded the Outstanding Global 3PL title again for the recognition of our efforts during the year. Logistics will continue to serve a crucial function globally in the times ahead. We will remain dedicated to excellence and innovation as we work hard to ensure smoothly-run supply chains.”

Kerry Logistics Network has been offering innovative solutions and expanding its geographic coverage to strengthen its service capability and diversify its business portfolio. It has launched new multimodal transport products to Mongolia, through its member Globalink Logistics, to provide alternative solutions to customers, as well as announced recently its development of a bonded logistics centre in the Hainan Free Trade Port in China to tap into the growing duty-free and inbound e-commerce market.

About Kerry Logistics Network Limited (Stock Code 0636.HK)

Kerry Logistics Network is an Asia-based, global 3PL with a highly diversified business portfolio and the strongest coverage in Asia. It offers a broad range of supply chain solutions from integrated logistics, international freight forwarding (air, ocean, road, rail and multimodal), industrial project logistics, to cross-border e-commerce, last-mile fulfilment and infrastructure investment.

With a global presence across 59 countries and territories, Kerry Logistics Network has established a solid foothold in half of the world’s emerging markets. Its diverse infrastructure, extensive coverage in international gateways and local expertise span across China, India, Southeast Asia, the CIS, Middle East, LATAM and other locations.

Kerry Logistics Network generated a revenue of over HK$40 billion in 2019 and is the largest international logistics company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

About Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards

Instituted in 2009, QOEA is organised by Quamnet, a leading financial website in Hong Kong, to identify and praise the excellent performance of Hong Kong enterprises. It has developed into an annual event with wide recognition and support from independent investors, media and industries.

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