Treble Announces VC Portfolio Funding Launch Accelerator Program


Treble, an agency operating at the speed of business to meet the PR needs of early stage technology startups and venture capital firms, today announced the launch of its VC Portfolio Funding Launch Accelerator Program.

A streamlined five-week initiative with a goal of arming startups with brand visibility in conjunction with closing funding rounds, Treble collaborates across the spectrum of seed stage, Series A and Series B venture backed portfolio investments to deliver impactful media relations and strategic guidance.

Treble has been a strategic partner to propel 13 startups to exit since 2014. Successful exits across the Treble client portfolio include TrendKite (acquired by Cision), Favor (acquired by HEB), StackEngine (acquired by Oracle), Boxer (acquired by VMware) and Joyride (acquired by Google).

We are creating a new paradigm with the launch of our accelerator program where both the startup and venture capital firm maximize the opportunity a funding announcement represents to elevate their respective brands, said Ethan Parker, founder and CEO of Treble. Funding launches optimally empower a startup to scale and win market share. Companies will emerge from the program with a solid foundation of PR momentum and stellar results that can be leveraged over the long-term with key stakeholders.

Arming Startups for Success

The VC Portfolio Funding Launch Accelerator Program matches companies into seed, Series A and Series B program PR sprints that commence ahead of Form D filings and public knowledge of the funding round to maximize media coverage. Programs are crafted based on our scalable pricing model to specifically to meet communications needs for a successful funding launch based on the funding round secured by the company. Program options include:

  • Kickoff PR strategy session;
  • Drafting of funding press release;
  • CEO media training session;
  • Target press outlet engagement;
  • Staffing of journalist interviews;
  • Managing distribution logistics relating to Business Wire release;
  • Press coverage compilation | social amplification;
  • PR analytics report | wire syndicated coverage report | social amplification report;
  • Internal CEO interview & publication of CEO profile in online entrepreneur-centric publication;
  • 1-hour sync with INK, the content bureau of Treble | accelerator graduates provided with 1-pager content strategy;

Headquartered in Austin, the agency has partnered with venture capital firms across the United States actively investing in startup markets including New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Omaha, Houston, Kansas City, Boston, Madison, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Denver, Washington D.C. and more.

At the conclusion of the program, both the startup and its VC investors will be positioned to hit the ground running with PR as an integral component of their ongoing brand and market visibility, said Parker.

For additional information on process, pricing and performance goals of the Treble VC Portfolio Funding Launch Accelerator Program, venture capital firms or startups can reach us here.

About Treble

Treble is the PR agency working at the speed of business. An immersive partner for VC firms to propel exits across the spectrum of portfolio investments, we optimally align early and collectively scale with startups to drive brand differentiation, strategic partnerships and lead generation. With expertise in B2B and B2C tech spanning multiple verticals including enterprise, education, finance, industrials, healthcare, marketing, agriculture, legal, cybersecurity, DevOps and more, combined with our INK content bureau, Treble locks in results that accelerate exits. Visit us at or on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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