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Toluna Offers Real-Time Insights into Online Consumer Behavior in China


Toluna, an ITWP company and leading consumer intelligence platform that delivers insights on demand, today announced it has unveiled new, permission-based online data collection solution in China to analyze consumer behavior in real-time. The technology delivers deeper insights and cross-device behavioral data in response to increased demand by researchers and marketers in China, a previously opaque consumer sector.

The technology also drives intelligent business strategies with online profiles and robust market segments, allowing businesses to monitor consumer habits from behavioral data on online daily routes, time spent on apps, most popular apps by usage, and more.

The immediacy of the tracking provides answers on how to leverage behavioral data to address key online business issues: How do consumers find products? How do they find competitive products? What are existing and potential customers doing online or on their mobile devices and apps? What days and times during the week are the busiest, said Ludovic Milet, managing director of APAC for Toluna.

The product is coming at a good time as Chinese consumers re-emerge from under the shadow of the coronavirus. As people resume their day-to-day routines, we can track search, website, shopping cart and purchase activity for select retailers, businesses will have a complete story of a consumers buying journey, which will be invaluable for sales and SEO campaigns. Tracking customers on a longitudinal timeframe allows us to understand the changes across life stages, marketplaces and attitudinal influences.

The behavioral data capability, which provides raw data via an interactive dashboard or complete reports, is a permission-based tracking technology for online activity. The app or browser extension, also available for desktops, allows users to join the program across their various devices with one unique ID.

The new technology allows us to bolster the ˜why data of our survey capabilities to view and assess the ˜what of consumer behavior. Combined, we now have a complete picture of what consumers are doing as they do it across devices. By capturing consumer online activity, we can now view attitudinal and behavioral data. This provides deep and accurate insight that previously went uncaptured, explained Mardien Drew, product strategy director at Toluna. The behavioral data builds a 360-degree view of each consumer, showing us the online brands with which they interact. With this understanding, businesses have the power to speak to consumers on a personalized basis thats never been seen before.

Additional capabilities include competitive benchmarking, which offers brand search data to assess the competitive landscape. This analysis shows how consumers are engaging specifically with various brands, where brands are positioned in the market, where their competitive advantages lie and more.

For marketing and sales teams, the syndicated data compares year-on-year online behavior of consumers to better inform, for example, marketing budgets and efforts, spot upcoming behavior trends and adjust SEO spend.

The solution will integrate with other Toluna offerings to combine quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral research methods, to glean further insights on consumer behavior.

The application is available now to the Chinese market.

To learn more or to join the tracking community, please visit

About Toluna Toluna is a technology company connecting brands with consumers for digital qualitative and quantitative research. We deliver insights on demand through a full spectrum of end-to-end solutions that map customer journeys, develop new products and much more. Toluna is powered by an innovative platform, best-in-class methodologies and a community panel that is 30+ million members strong. An ITWP company, we employ 1,400 people in 24 offices across six continents. Please visit us at

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