Titan GPS and Banff Partnered on Green Fleet Initiative

Titan GPS powered by Certified Tracking Solutions, one of North Americas leading GPS tracking and fleet telematics brands, was awarded the contract to provide and support Vehicle and Telematics solutions for the Town of Banff. Aside from the requirements of favorable pricing, ease of use and extensive feature sets, the Town of Banff placed significant value on the ability of the winning bidder’s solution to assist in reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their fleet operation.

Titan GPS has partnered closely with the Town of Banff to integrate new technology and develop new reporting to assist the Town of Banff with the Green Fleet initiative.

“To reach our Green Fleet targets we needed to adopt new technology to help us better track and monitor our activities and to help us manage progress toward these important goals. We’re very excited to have the team at Titan GPS working with us on this.”

Chris McGregor “ Fleet Operations Manager, the Town of Banff

Titan GPS offers features and tools to reduce fuel consumption and resulting GHG emissions. A powerful tracking platform with advanced features, reporting, and analytics help Titan GPS customers monitor fuel wasting behaviors such as idling, speeding, harsh braking, and excessive acceleration as well as improved routing, maintenance scheduling, and engine diagnostics to ensure vehicles and equipment are running in peak form.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected and excited to be playing an important role in a leading edge program like the Green Fleet initiative undertaken by the Town of Banff.”

Bent Jensen “ CEO, Certified Tracking Solutions Inc.

About Titan GPS and Certified Tracking Solutions

Certified Tracking Solutions Inc. (Est. 2004) powers the Titan GPS brand and is trusted by thousands of fleet operators across Canada and the United States. Titan GPS offers a full range of GPS telematics hardware and software solutions, and support to deploy and maintain any size fleet successfully.

About the Town of Banff

The Town of Banff is beautifully situated in some of the most biologically diverse lands in Banff National Park. The town serves as a base camp to the surrounding 6,500 square kilometers of Banff National Park, part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Certified Tracking Solutions Inc.
Bent Jensen, CEO
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Town of Banff
Chris McGregor, Fleet Operations Manager