Tips to Redesign Your Working Capital Management System | A New Article by Quantzig

Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of their new article on tips to improve working capital management. A robust working capital management system ensures that the company maintains adequate cash flow to meet its short-term undertakings. Any failure of a company in maintaining its net working capital can impact business operations remarkably. Therefore, in todays competitive business landscape, effective working capital management should be one of the top priorities of businesses.

Working capital is an efficient metric to measure the liquidity, efficiency, and overall health of a company, says a supply chain analytics expert from Quantzig.

When a company lacks enough working capital to fulfill its obligations that can result in financial insolvency which in turn can lead to the liquidation of assets, legal troubles, and potential bankruptcy. Thus, it is crucial for all businesses to have proper working capital management in place.

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Secret tips to manage your working capital

Tip #1: Optimize inventory and manage procurement

Inventory management plays an important role in yielding most out of your net working capital. Neither excess nor inadequate stocks are good for the performance of the inventory. Both can result in loss of revenue and can damage customer relationships. Therefore, companies should focus on establishing smooth communication between departments to avoid unnecessary levels of stock.

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Tip #2: Pay vendors on time

Working capital analysis unveils that companies punctual at their payment maintain better relationships with their vendors. Also, such companies can grab better deals, discounts and payment terms. This can be taken as a counter-intuitive approach to working capital management. Happy suppliers can help in driving significant costs savings in the long run.

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