The registration for the LEZ environmental zone in Brussels is now compulsory!

Since January 2018, a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) has been introduced in Brussels. After an initial transition period, it is now compulsory to register foreign vehicles in order to access the zone. You can now register your vehicle on and receive a personalised Registry-Sticker with all the details of your entry permit!

Older heavily polluting vehicles should gradually be excluded from the LEZ zone of Brussels.

Since January, vehicles without a EURO standard and with a EURO class 1 are no longer authorised to enter the zone. All non-Belgian vehicles must be registered in a city database where all vehicles are recorded.

When you enter the city, the license number plates are recorded by intelligent cameras and compared with the LEZ database. If your vehicle is too old and you still have entered the zone, a fine will be sent to your home! The fine is 350 euros if you enter the LEZ zone despite your old vehicle. Meanwhile, you will be charged 150 euros if you have not registered in the database before entering the environmental zone. But if you own an old vehicle, you do not have to despair, because you can buy a day pass 8 times a year, which then allows you to enter on a calendar day.

All summarised information and regulations can be found on our portal where you also can easily apply to the registration for the LEZ environmental zone in Brussels. Furthermore, you can also register for the LEZ in Antwerp using the same portal. If you want to find out more about the environmental zones in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe, you can download our free Green-Zones app and check all the entry access rights and the zone status during your journey!

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