The Kidney Cancer Association Announces $1.3 Million in New Research Opportunities

The Kidney Cancer Association (KCA) is pleased to announce its Board of Directors recently approved $1.3 million in new grant funding to advance early detection and new treatments for kidney cancer. The application process opens on April 17 and closes on May 20. Award winners will be announced in the Fall of 2019.

Six grants are divided among two distinct awards “ the Advanced Discovery Awards (ADA), two $500,000 grants for established investigators, and four $75,000 Young Investigator Awards (YIA).

The purpose of establishing the new ADA is to promote the collaboration between a clinician including a urologic oncologist, medical oncologist or radiation oncologist and a Ph.D., to propose new research that will make an immediate impact in the field of kidney cancer. Research may include biomarker development, development of novel therapeutic targets, correlative studies associated with ongoing or completed clinical trials, or assays that promote the early detection of kidney cancer.

The YIA seeks to encourage promising researchers in the areas of urology and clinical oncology who are planning to pursue an investigative career in kidney cancer. To qualify, applicants must have achieved a post-graduate degree or doctoral degree and currently be in the last two years of their final subspecialty training at an academic medical institution (a single entity medical school and university hospital) at the time of their application. The KCA has increased the amounts of the YIA from $50,000 to $75,000, and increased the number of grants from two to four to encourage more of these rising stars in this field.

All grant proposals will be evaluated through the Letter of Intent (LOI) Process. An independent panel of reviewers, who are recognized experts in the field, will conduct a blinded, scored review of all applications received.

Visit the KCA website at for additional information and application guidelines on the ADA and YIA.

Jennie Roberts, Elmore Public Relations
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