THC Therapeutics, Inc. Announces the Hiring of Victor Nacif, Former Vice President of Design at Nissan Design Europe

Victor Nacif joins the team at THC Therapeutics, Inc. as the Head of Design to finalize the company’s flagship product, The dHydronator®

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 16, 2020 — THC Therapeutics, Inc. (THCT), a forward-thinking publicly traded technology company whose mission statement is “Better Health through the Science of Nature,” has announced the hiring of Victor Nacif for the position of Head of Design. Victor will be leading the design team to facilitate company product development.

Nacif, the former Vice President of Design at Nissan Design Europe, will be leading the THCT team to finalize the design for the company’s soon-to-launch dHydronator®.

Victor Nacif

Born to Lebanese parents in Mexico, Victor Nacif moved to Detroit at the age of 9. His passion for cars started at an early age, but after he was told he could not be a racecar driver (age 7), he decided to combine his love of design and automobiles. Victor then attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit while doing Summer internships at Ford Motor Company.

Following his internship at Ford, Nacif joined the team at Zimmer Corp., a small privately-owned company in Florida, where he was the Design lead in creating vehicles now prized by automobile collectors like the Zimmer Golden Spirit and the Zimmer Quicksilver. After leaving Zimmer, Nacif subsequently joined Ford Motor Company and worked in various Ford Design International Studios. In 1996, Nacif joined PSA Peugeot-Citröen, living in Paris, France. Becoming Design Director for Peugeot and Citröen vehicles as well as collaborations in the Industrialization phase.

He joined Nissan Design in 2004 as Vice-President of Design and was eventually promoted as Global Head of Product Communications in April 2013 and served at that position until May 2015. Upon returning to the United States, Nacif became the Chief Creative Officer at Brojure.

Nacif’s achievements in the automotive industry have earned him numerous accolades including Latin-American Executive of the Year at the 12th annual Urban Wheels Awards 2008 presented to him at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan. Currently, Nacif is a Design Mentor at Intersection-Inc., and New School of Architecture and Design, lending his expertise to both the educational side and consultancy side of the business.

Finalizing The dHydronator®

Nacif decided to join the THCT team because of his belief in the company’s product and its ability to improve consumer safety in the cannabis market.

The dHydronator®, which has received patent protection on all 20 claims from The United States Patent and Trademark Office, is a lab-tested, sanitizing herb dryer capable of reducing moisture content in cannabis to 10%-15% in 10-14 hours. Traditional cannabis drying methods currently can exceed two weeks for comparable moisture content reduction. In addition, the dHydronator® has Sanitizen Technology®, a contaminant-reducing platform independently laboratory-tested to diminish TAC (total aerobic count) and microbial load from failing to passing levels.

Nacif will be working with the scientists and engineers involved with THCT to align the product’s revolutionary technology with a design that is consumer-facing and simple to use.

“I am very pleased and honored to be working with THC Therapeutics, an up-and-coming industry pioneer that looks holistically at the needs of consumers,” Nacif stated. “From a product design standpoint, I really enjoy working on new products and creating a design language for a new brand like THCT. The team is fabulous and has very focused leadership in this marketplace.”

Brandon Romanek, the company’s CEO, stated, “I’m thrilled to bring Victor on board; this represents mainstream talent entering the cannabis space. With Mr. Nacif’s expertise, we believe the dHydronator® can make a revolutionary impact on the cannabis market that is growing rapidly. We believe an unfortunate side effect of the cannabis market’s fast growth is the threat to public health and safety from cannabis contamination. Our product allows consumers to take control, sanitize their own cannabis flower, and allow the plant’s properties to be expressed without worrying about high microbial loads.”

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About THC Therapeutics

THC Therapeutics, Inc. (THCT) is focused on developing their patented dHydronator®, a sanitizing herb dryer. The main function of the dHydronator® is to greatly accelerate the drying time of cannabis while sanitizing it. The dHydronator® can be used to dry a variety of herbs; it has been specifically tested for use with cannabis, and it can reduce the drying time for cannabis from 10-14 days to less than 14 hours. The company may also focus some of its future operations on participation in cannabis-testing lab facilities and developing personal wellness centers. The company is seeking partnerships in the Cannabis & Health/Wellness industries in the United States & Canada.

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