Tangoe Examines Key Tech Trends at Mobile World Congress 2019


Executives at Tangoe, the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Managed Mobility Services (MMS) leader, will share insights into the key themes at the 19th Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, February 25-29. Tangoe sees sharp interest in 5G cellular, advanced technologies, cybersecurity and managing cloud expenses from its global clients.

Tangoe, the top provider of telecom and mobility solutions, works with the leading brands to optimize their technology spending and help their organizations work more efficiently. Tangoes recent acquisition of MOBI combined the industrys TEM and MMS leaders to create a global technology management powerhouse, which manages more than $40 billion in annual technology spend and 10 million connected devicesnearly five times more than Tangoes nearest competitor.

Tangoes perspective on key issues on the MWC 2019 agenda include:

  • Widespread use of 5G transmission will grow in the next year, as more organizations take advantage of its increased data transfer speed, reduced latency and faster reaction times across millions of devices used in the mobile workforce.
  • More organizations will adopt advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), although adoption may be slowed by lack of a common programming language and a shortage of AI developer skillsets.
  • As sensor and smartphone technology become more advanced, devices will eventually introduce scan-less cybersecurity features. Expect biometrics to advance beyond traditional measures to enable access based on other unique traits, like a users tone of voice, movement style or typing patterns.
  • As cloud adoption expands, companies are seeing their IT expenses increase. Companies continue to transition from fixed to cloud-based expenses, which are more difficult to track. As organizations drown in cloud license complexity, they will look more to managed services that can control costs.

Tangoes clients see 5G, advanced technologies, security and the cloud impacting all areas of their business, and they want to know how these technologies will be used to help their organizations work smarter, said Chris Koeneman, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Tangoe. This is the first year the combined team from Tangoe and MOBI will be at MWC, and we are excited to share our expertise in telecom and mobility solutions with customers, prospects, partners and industry influencers. Our team will also be sharing how Tangoe is transforming the industry to helps its customers improve productivity and their bottom lines.

MWC, the premier annual event of the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), annually draws the largest international group of telecom and mobility executives to discuss industry developments and issues. More than 107,000 industry representatives attended MWC 2018, 55 percent holding senior level positions.


Journalists attending Mobile World Congress are invited to meet with Tangoe executives onsite in Room 2.1C6Ex, Hall 2, Upper Level. For more information, please contact Emily Allen, Articulate Communications, [email protected], or +1 212-255-1198.


Tangoe is the global standard for Americas greatest brands. Tangoe customers trust them to optimize more than $40 billion of telecom expenses and manage the lifecycle of more than 10,000,000 mobile devices. Customers cite five reasons Tangoe is their preferred solution:

  • Customers “ Tangoe has earned the trust of a whos who of Americas greatest companies.
  • Technology “ Tangoe offers modern, cloud-based, advanced-architecture technology solutions.
  • Savings “ Tangoe leads the industry in one-time, continuous and total cost savings.
  • Global Reach “ Tangoe serves the global needs of the largest, most sophisticated companies.
  • Customer Service “ Tangoe delivers ever-better service for customers.

Tangoe is the industry leader. They optimize more telecom expenses and manage more mobile devices than their next three competitors, combined.

Christi Vawter
Public Relations
[email protected]