Tagomi Holdings Inc. Announces New Funding Led by Yale-Backed Paradigm Fund, With Participation From Pantera and Other Prominent Clients

Tagomi Holdings Inc. (Tagomi), the first live electronic brokerage offering prime services on an agency basis for sophisticated investors of Bitcoin, Ether, and other digital assets, today announced a new round of capital investment. Paradigm, a Yale and Sequoia backed fund, and Pantera, the first US digital asset firm, are major participants amongst a notable group of digital asset investors.

The fresh set of funding comes two months after Tagomi announced their public product launch in December and brings total funding to $28mm. Participation in this round of financing was open to clients of the platform.

Matt Huang, Founding Partner at Paradigm and former Partner at Sequoia said: We are excited to partner with Tagomi as they continue to build momentum and traction. We view their best-in-class product and team as the next step in the evolution of how digital assets trade.

Dan Morehead, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital said, We view the development of an electronic agency offering as a critical step in empowering funds like Pantera to have complete control and anonymity when transacting in digital assets. We believe it is a key component to carrying out our fiduciary duty in achieving best execution for our fund.

With the capital from this financing, Tagomi plans to grow operations to support and scale with client demand. Tagomi is excited to continue improving trade execution and transparency in the digital asset space.

We are honored that clients have voted with their feet, and we share in their excitement of the progress Tagomi has made in improving trade execution, transparency, and lowering operational costs in the digital asset space. We are excited to partner with investors who have experienced first-hand, the frustrations around the lack of infrastructure, and work toward our shared vision of building next generation robust trading technology, so that clients can focus solely on developing their strategies. said Greg Tusar, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Tagomi, and former Global Head of Electronic Trading at Goldman Sachs.

Tagomi clientele are a diverse group of sophisticated cryptocurrency investors with a broad set of investment goals. Tagomi currently offers three product lines: a portfolio management interface for longer-term investors, an advanced trading terminal for active traders, and an API for various types of programmatic trading. Example clients include individual investors, family offices, digital asset funds, traditional equity and FX traders, venture capital funds, and others.

Thomas Bailey, an investment officer at Four Arrows, the office of the Bailey Family, said: Venture capital firms, family offices, and others who are interested in a cost-efficient and direct exposure to digital assets face a variety of challenges. I see Tagomi as solving those challenges and presenting the institutional community with a streamlined, professional end to end service which is simple and transparent to the user, while very effectively tackling the issues of best execution, custody, and treasury management.

Tushar Jain, Managing Partner of Multicoin, said: “The Tagomi team deeply understands the many nuances of the complex crypto market structure. We believe that Tagomis unique agency electronic model aligns them to partner and work with us to provide access to liquidity and financial products which help us more efficiently execute our fund strategy.”

As the market for digital assets matures, investors have a growing need for automated solutions that empower them to enter and exit the market with ease. Tagomis backing from significant industry players bolsters its commitment to offering a seamless option for cross market execution, and lays the groundwork for cryptocurrency to grow as an institutional asset class.

About Tagomi Holdings, Inc.:

Tagomi is an electronic brokerage for digital assets, combining institutional-grade services with proven robust infrastructure that clients have come to expect in other institutional asset classes. Tagomi provides access to best-priced liquidity, low commissions, and maximized client returns, helping usher in transparency in otherwise opaque markets. Tagomis offering includes: seamless cross market execution, a library of advanced algorithms, post-trade reporting, one-click settlement and custodial solutions. By reducing frictions related to operations and infrastructure in an end-to-end trading solution, Tagomi allows clients to focus on their alpha and maximize their returns. For more information visit www.tagomi.com.

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