Supply Chain Analytics is Transforming Inventory Management | Download Quantzig’s Free Resource for Detailed Insights

Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of its free resource on the impact of supply chain analytics on inventory management. With the growing amount of data, companies are finding it difficult to maintain an agile and transparent supply chain. This is where supply chain analytics can help. By leveraging supply chain analytics solutions, companies can enhance the efficiency of their supply chain operations. Also, supply chain analytics makes it easy for companies to forecast demand and ensure interoperability throughout the supply chain.

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How can supply chain analytics transform inventory management?

By reducing inventory costs through smart demand sensing

Modern supply chain analytics solutions can help companies to forecast demand by assessing market conditions in real-time. By leveraging analytics solutions, companies can combine the data from orders made in the past with the real-time market analysis. This can further help in forecasting changes precisely in the demand landscape and can eliminate the traditional approach, where companies rely on past orders for measuring future demand level.

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By optimizing production plans

Supply chain analytics can help businesses to gauge the efficiency of specific processes in the supply chain. With such solutions in place, companies can create an optimum production schedule and can improve the capacity of production and reduce disruptions in the supply chain. Supply chain analytics can also help companies in identifying the ideal production capacity to improve on-time delivery and quality.

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By enhancing the functioning of logistics

By leveraging supply chain analytics solutions, companies can improve the functioning of their transport and logistics processes. Also, companies can plan their transport in advance with certainty by analyzing existing freight network usage. Furthermore, this can aid in rerouting the disrupted shipments and can improve the functioning of logistics significantly. Want to know more? Download the free resource here.

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