Statement on Nuclear Energy from IP3 International


IP3 was formed in June 2016 to address security issues arising out of plans throughout the Arab States to industrialize their economies and move them away from exclusive reliance on oil and toward conventional industrial pursuits such as mining, manufacturing, heavy industry and agriculture. It was clear such a transformation will require the development of enormous base load power generation and it was clear Russia and China intended to build, own and operate nuclear plants to deliver that power and thereby gain influence with the host countries.

Today, only three years later, Russia has concluded agreements to build four plants in Egypt, two in Turkey and another in Iran. China has built 44 plants at home and plans at least an additional 30 new plants in connection with its ambitions to penetrate the Middle East, Africa, Western Europe and Latin America. Russia and China are aggressively pursuing over $2 trillion dollars on new nuclear build globally. They are using the export of nuclear power not just for export earnings but also to expand their geopolitical influence.

For more than 60 years the United States has set the standards for safety and security of nuclear power plants throughout the world. The founders of IP3 believe that it is a vital national security interest that we continue to do so in the Middle East and beyond.

Only the United States nuclear industry can deliver the standard of safety, security, regulatory oversight, and operational primacy required to ensure both the non-proliferation goals as well as the strategic goals of the United States are achieved. Achieving these goals will require close coordination between the U.S. Government and industry. No other industry is as heavily regulated or requires more close coordination with its government than nuclear power. The commercial nuclear power industry and the U.S. Government share a long history of working together in the global struggle for security, peace and democracy.

It is a strategic imperative that the United States compete and win against Russia and China in the nuclear power arena. The only way to address concerns over development of weapons of mass destruction is for the U.S. to participate in the introduction and secure operation of international nuclear power plants. The U.S. must be involved in international power projects if we are intent upon dealing with threat from increased carbon emissions globally and stability of a planet starved for U.S. leadership.

Therefore, IP3 supports the U.S. Governments efforts to make the U.S. the country of choice for energy, nuclear power and electricity for the globe. As was fully reported to the press in 2017, Lt. Gen Flynn was never an advisor to IP3 or its affiliate, he had no stake in the company and was never compensated or reimbursed for expenses by IP3. IP3 looks forward to sharing what we know with Chairman Cummings and ranking member Jordan in response to the Committee Staff Report released today.

Molly Denham
[email protected]