STAT Partners With Slingshot Insights to Bring Expert Analysis in the Health Care Space to Investors


STAT, a national life sciences news organization, has partnered with Slingshot Insights to launch STAT Expert Advantage, a new service connecting health care investors with subject matter experts and top-tier industry reporters.

Since its launch in 2015, STAT ( has emerged as the leading news organization covering health and medicine. Slingshot Insights ( is the first crowdfunded expert network and due diligence community focused on health care.

STAT Expert Advantage is a collaboration between STAT and Slingshot Insights that brings together key opinion leaders and STAT beat reporters to help investors make smarter investments. Members get access to exclusive monthly interviews conducted by STAT staff. Calls cover timely topics that are top of mind for investors from impending clinical trial results and FDA advisory committee meetings to legislation expected to shape the industry.

Reporters, including STATs senior medicine writer, Matthew Herper, and STAT senior biotech writer Adam Feuerstein, will rotate on calls, interviewing experts about the most interesting and investable topics on their beats. The series will also leverage the expertise of STAT staff spread across the country, in Boston, Washington, San Francisco, and New York.

Professional portfolio managers have used expert calls and management meetings for decades to quickly get insights on market-moving news. In spending over $600 million annually in 2015 on this type of research, financial institutions are able to intelligently invest in a broad range of companies using expert knowledge. Individual investors, however, have traditionally had to make decisions without these tools. STAT Expert Advantage helps bridge this gap.

Slingshot Insights CEO Joe McCann said: Were very excited about this new joint venture with STAT, which has established itself as the go-to destination for health care and biotech news. By communicating directly with this tremendously engaged community, we will strengthen not only the quality of our interviews, but the Slingshot community overall. Our goal at Slingshot is to cut through the noise, verifying management claims, evaluating clinical trials results, and making sure members have the full story when making an investment decision.

Members have access to 12 expert calls a year. Those calls are recorded and transcribed, allowing members to access the information on their time. The platform allows members to submit questions for experts before each call. STAT Expert Advantage ensures compliance, while maintaining the quality and user-directed nature of traditional expert calls.

STAT Chief Revenue Officer Angus Macaulay remarked: Were excited to partner with Slingshot Insights to develop this innovative product. For over three years our readers have come to rely on STAT for exclusive insights and analysis of the life sciences. STAT Expert Advantage offers us the opportunity to take our readers deeper by leveraging the expertise of our reporters, key opinion leaders, and the Slingshot Insights platform.

To learn more about the exclusive benefits for STAT members, visit today.

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