SolderWorks Announces Curriculum Program Launch with “From Thought to Thing: 101”


SolderWorks LLC, a state-of-the-art hardware innovation lab, today announced the launch of its new education curriculum program. This new offering provides a classroom, innovation lab, and ecosystem partner learning experience that will help early-stage startups and entrepreneurs accelerate prototyping and productization.

Rich Walsh, Founder and CEO, states that Were seeing many early-stage hardware startups and innovators doing a great job of going from thought to breadboard or even just thought to PowerPoint. Whatever their start, it is great as it shows that early entrepreneurs understand innovating in the hardware realm for a business or consumer value proposition is doable. Once they start their journey, however, I see them realize this development lifecycle is a different beast altogether.

Hardware is the new software. To really get over the hump, with IoT or Industry 4.0 innovations for example, we need to teach corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, and developers different, more complex multi-disciplinary workflows. Gone are the days of innovation where simply writing code and right-click-deploy was the norm. In our ˜From Thought to Thing: 101 introduction course, we want to demystify and connect the workflows, partners, and patterns that exist to get you there.

The coursework will confer knowledge along three tracks: productization, technical, and business. SolderWorks believes a firm understanding of how these three processes interrelate are crucial to the success of any hardware-based innovation. The curriculum will be offered in an academy format as well as incorporated in its grant membership offering through its Innovation Fund.

Hardware Engineering Manager and course instructor Alex Strebeck adds, We are incorporating real partner platforms and technologies into our coursework. This allows our partner ecosystem to access early use-cases and get traction with their platform technologies. As well, it gives our member ecosystem exposure to platforms, patterns, and practices they can build on quickly.

About SolderWorks LLC

SolderWorks is a state-of-the-art innovation lab designed to accelerate ideas from thought to thing. SolderWorks mission is to support the next wave of innovation by providing an ecosystem where entrepreneurial visionaries, corporate labs, and industry partnerships create agile economies. SolderWorks is the place where tomorrows innovations are created.

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