SMK Electronics and CAARESYS Partner to Develop Biometric Passenger Monitoring Technology

SMK Electronics Corporation U.S.A. (a division of SMK Corporation: one of the worlds leading manufacturers of OEM remote controls and electronic components), today announced a business partnership with CAARESYS to develop automotive occupancy and biometric detection sensors for inclusion in next-generation passenger occupancy systems.

Through this collaboration, SMK Electronics and CAARESYS will develop the worlds first biometric automotive sensors to deliver highly accurate passenger sensing while remaining unaffected by vibrations in the driving environment. New features compatible with the safety standards for future vehicles include:

(1) Seat-belt reminder and child-presence detection system using contactless occupancy detection sensor which detects humans respiration rate and heart rate.

(2) Highly accurate driver or passenger monitoring system using contactless biometric sensor which measures heart rate, respiration rate, and heart rate variability.

The automotive in-vehicle sensor market (e.g., camera modules for driver monitoring systems) is poised to significantly expand with the coming of autonomous vehicles, said Mr. Tetsuo Hara, Executive Vice President, SMK Corporation. In the self-driving scenario, sensing occupancy is critical. But it will be equally important to know and monitor passenger status through the use of biometric sensor technologies. Working with partners like CAARESYS, SMK is pleased to offer advanced automotive sensor solutions, powered by biometric monitoring to improve passenger comfort and safety.


Based in Israel, CAARESYS is a startup technology company that has strengths in automotive specialized micro-radar segments. CAARESYS possesses technology to construct sensors that enable highly accurate sensing even in the driving environment by using low-cost, general-purpose parts. Learn more at

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