SIKURPhone – Beyond a Cryptocurrency Wallet and Ready for Financial Transactions

Whilst Sikurs competitors are promising to release secure blockchain devices, Sikur is already delivering a full and innovative operating system experience. SikurOS is powering devices that can deliver much more than secure cryptocurrency wallets and other gadgets to protect assets.

2018 has been an incredible year for us – from the rush of launching SIKURPhone at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, to porting SikurOS to different hardware. It has been an exciting journey and we still have more to come, said Alexandre Vasconcelos, Sikurs COO.

SikurOS is a very innovative model, although its concepts are widely available. An operating system that is capable of effectively protecting user data is an approach that has taken SIKURPhone to the next level. Combining safety with convenience is a challenge that Sikurs research and development team face every day.

According to Group-IB, more than $882 million in cryptocurrency assets was lost to fraud and hacks in 2017 and 2018, mostly in the Asian market, including the over $500 million hack of Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Coincheck. Protecting cryptocurrency coins for the regular investor with simplicity and usability is already possible with SIKURPhone.

After passing rigorous tests by HackerOne with a bug bounty program, securing cryptocurrency is a challenge that SIKURPhone has already overcome. Sikur is now daring to take it a step further with the Trading Station concept.

The financial market is dynamic and constantly changing. Fraud and loss numbers keep increasing as the variety of digital transaction methods grow. Existing solutions do not provide enough flexibility, usability and security for the modern-day user. Sikurs Trading Station uses the strength of SikurOS and provides extra security layers for financial apps that require ultimate protection. It also introduces freedom and flexibility to perform operations from any place, without the need of being in offices or highly protected networks. Trading stocks, mobile banking and mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) are some of the real-world examples where SIKURPhone can make a huge difference to the industry, said Fabio Fischer, Sikurs Executive VP.

Securing data locally and in the cloud is a high priority for businesses and governments. Therefore, having well known apps in such devices is becoming mandatory as safety concerns more people each year.

At Sikur, innovation is part of our DNA. We are always looking to create. This energy gives everyone more power and determination to make progress. The Trading Station concept comes from this way of thinking, says Alexandre Stumpf, Sikurs CTO.

Sikur today is a security mindset. It is a new way of thinking about security. We are a platform capable of delivering reliable and trustworthy protection. We have created a way to provide total security on any application, be it banking, stocks, news, cryptocurrency, wallets or e-mail. Now, even WhatsApp runs on SikurOS. We can incorporate widely available apps if they meet Sikurs security criteria.

We are the security that your communications need.

About Sikur

Sikur is defining the future of secure communication. Operating globally, it has offices in Latin America, the United States and Europe. Sikur works alongside governments and corporations that believe security is fundamental to the integrity of their work. We believe that security is not only about platforms and digital systems but is a mindset that surrounds every aspect of business.

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