SensibleVision’s 3D Face Authentication Solution Eliminates Racial Bias While Protecting Animals, People and Food Production


SensibleVision, a global developer of biometric technologies, today announced a partnership with agriculture technology company NoveTechnologies to deliver Protocol, a proactive 3D face recognition biometric solution for controlling access to large commercial agriculture facilities. Unlike most existing face recognition technologies in use today, Protocol does not factor in skin tone and therefore does not discriminate based on ethnicity or race.

Protocol is designed to protect swine and poultry barns by managing access to improve the safety and wellbeing of animals, people, and food production. Historically, production facilities have relied on trust and paper trails to validate people coming in and out of various systems and facilities. By providing a secure third-party verified approach to access, organizations can now accurately determine who is coming in and out of their facilities, lowering their risk and increasing consumer confidence.

This is all about food safety, said Anthony Novero, Founder of NoveTechnologies. Previous face recognition solutions that we tried were inconsistent and did not deliver a viable security option. Working with SensibleVision allows us to put teeth into our real-time tracking. With near-instantaneous 3D face recognition in any lighting conditions, it helps us prevent employees who might be carrying disease from facility to facility from potentially infecting a large group of animals. And because the solution is ˜race blind, were able to be fair and equitable to all of our employees, regardless of their skin tone.

Not only does the SensibleVision/NoveTechnologies solution mitigate the vectors for pathogen transfer, it also helps facilities avoid an even scarier scenario bioterrorism. By reducing the potential for access by possible intruders, the food supply is dramatically safer.

There are literally tens of thousands of agricultural production facilities in the swine and poultry industry that could potentially benefit from using the NoveTechnologies approach. Currently, the solution is being rolled out in beta to production facilities who will subscribe and pay a monthly service charge.

About NoveTechnologies

NoveTechnologies, based in Omaha, Neb., is an agricultural technology company that provides user-defined premise access and control and animal technology solutions to help ensure the well-being of animals and employees, as well as the safety of the food production system.

About SensibleVision

SensibleVision is a global leader in multi-factor biometric-driven authentication technologies leveraging facial recognition. For more than a decade, their patented face authentication and continuous security technology has helped banks, technology companies and other organizations reduce fraud. Their flagship solutions offer quick and continuous authentication for access control, computers, tablets, smartphones and mobile apps. For more information, please visit SensibleVision.

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