SCG Partners Invests $20 Million in Cliovana™, Sexual Enhancement for Women

SCG Partners, formerly Consumer Concept Group & Affiliates, today announced a $20 million investment in Cliovana„¢, sexual enhancement for women. SCG is led by Rick Schaden, Tom Ryan, and Brooks Schaden, each of whom possess deep investment and operations expertise across the consumer sector.

The Cliovana treatment increases womens orgasm frequency, orgasm intensity, and overall sexual arousal levels. Cliovanas completely non-invasive FDA-approved machine uses soundwave technology “ not lasers, scalpels or needles “ so there are no dangerous side effects. Cliovana enhances arousal at the cellular level, causing the body to do more of what it does naturally. Specifically, Cliovana increases the bodys natural regeneration of vascular and nerve cells in the clitoris and perineum. This in turn improves short-term and long-term sexual responsiveness.

Cliovana was developed by Dr. Robert Gordon, a world-renowned inventor of medical devices and procedures. Dr. Gordon is a surgeon and MD on the staff of The University Health Network in Toronto and is the former President of the International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment.

Cliovana is a revolutionary treatment that will have an incredibly positive impact on the sex lives of millions of women and get them back to truly enjoying their sex lives again, said Dr. Gordon. This investment from SCG will fast track our ability to get more practitioners trained and certified with Cliovana.

Cliovana treatments are currently available at Revitalize Clinic in Denver. Dr. Briana Oster, the Medical Director of Revitalize, has been at the forefront of providing Cliovana procedures to clients. Since we started offering Cliovana treatments this past November, feedback has been immediate and extremely positive. Its wonderful to hear our clients sex lives are improving due to Cliovana, said Dr. Oster.

One of Dr. Osters many patients perfectly addressed the need for the Cliovana treatment, saying, Its time to move past taboos about women and sex. Sex is meant to be a wonderful experience. If there is a treatment that is safe, non-invasive and can dramatically improve my sex life, then Im all about it.

SCG Partners, which founded Smashburger in 2007, has extensive experience creating and growing successful brands. In recent years, SCG has leveraged its leadership in the Experience-Based Lifestyle Economy to develop numerous national brands. SCG is the owner of Tom’s Urban, a fast-growing eater-tainment concept, as well as Motiv, a company with a portfolio of sports and entertainment brands including running and endurance events.

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SCG Partners, formerly Consumer Concept Group, is an innovative investment and operating company focused on launching, operating and investing in consumer, franchising and lifestyle brands. They also invest opportunistically in private businesses and real estate alongside alternative investment managers. SCG is guided by a relentless focus on investing in tomorrows demands and is managed by a group of officers with deep expertise in the restaurant, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports industries. Their investment philosophy is rigorously centered on aligning interests and on the virtues of patient capital. This philosophy allows SCG to pursue growth plans and make strategic decisions solely in the best interests of the companies in which they invest.

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