Russia Offers a Lens into a Complex, Polarizing Personality


Never before has Russia seen such polarity in public opinion and to draw focus to these different perspectives, Debika Sen, Founder and President of A Classic Tours Collection, has today announced the launch of a tour that journeys into Imperial Russia and its history with the occult.

I am offering people an opportunity to experience and understand the regal and complicated history of Russia, in all of her glory, says Debika. Most tours focus on architecture and the prettier aspects of Russia, glossing over the rich, complex, and sometimes brutal history of the country. I want to give people a new and completely encompassing experienceone that explores the good and not-so-good amalgamation of infused cultures, art, literature and politics.

Debika explores Russias interesting past juxtaposed against the countrys present, and how that has led to the polarizing global view of Russia today. In addition to its luxury tour staples like wine tastings and tantalizing Russian cuisine, this bespoke journey also provides exclusive visits to historically, politically and culturally rich landmarks, offering guests an opportunity to:

  • Follow in the footsteps of Rasputin and two German Princesses during a visit to The House of Bachelors which, according to rumor, was won by Rasputin himself in a game of cards.
  • Explore the Church on Blood in Honour of All Saintsthe site where the Romanov family were executed by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War.
  • Witness a private performance by the Cathedral Choir at the historical St. Basils Cathedral.
  • Visit the Grand Kremlin Palace, the official residence of the Russian President, Vladimir Putina privilege not usually granted to the general public.
  • Tour the soul of Russian Ballet backstage at Marinsky Theatre, then see the dancers perform a show.

The Imperial Russia tour is added to an already culturally rich and unique portfolio of tours, including a ˜Womens Empowerment Tour of India and ˜Indonesia: Balinese New Year and Wonderful Indonesia.

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