QUIKRETE® Rehabs Aging Transportation Infrastructure with Proven Bridge Repair Materials

With the average age of a bridge in the U.S. around 50-years-old, it is understandable that more than 235,000 bridges need to be repaired or replaced according to a recent report by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association. While rehabilitating 38 percent of the countrys bridges will take decades, QUIKRETE is helping improve an aging transportation infrastructure by providing proven commercial-grade repair materials that deliver long-lasting structural results.

Its a cost-prohibitive proposition to replace thousands of outdated bridges at once, so the more immediate and practical approach is making repairs. As the largest manufacturer of pre-mixed concrete products in the U.S., were committed to being part of the solution, said Frank Owens, Vice President of Marketing for The QUIKRETE Companies. Our commercial-grade repair materials gain strength and set up quickly in order to meet very precise structural bridge specifications while minimizing traffic disruptions. The combination of these factors is why our products are approved by the department of transportation (DOT) in most states and have been used to repair tens of thousands of bridges over the years.

Bridge Deck Repairs QUIKRETE Rapid Road Repair QUIKRETE Rapid Road Repair is a fast-setting material specifically designed for structural bridge deck repairs. QUIKRETE Rapid Road Repair provides permanent partial-depth repairs up to two inches. The material also contains alkali resistant (AR) glass fibers for improved flexural performance essential for applications involving severe vibration like bridge deck repairs. QUIKRETE Rapid Road Repair is available in 50-pound bags, and reaches 2,000 PSI in 90 minutes and 6,000 PSI in 28 days. For full-depth repairs greater than two inches, a version of QUIKRETE Rapid Road Repair extended with gravel or stone is available in 80-pound bags.

QUIKRETE FastSet„¢ DOT Mix QUIKRETE FastSet„¢ DOT Mix is a rapid hardening, fiber-reinforced repair material that is pre-blended with coarse aggregates making it ideal for bridge deck repairs from 1 1/2 to 24 thick. It is formulated to provide 20 to 30 minute working time so there is adequate time to mix and place material for large full-depth repairs. As a pre-blended product, QUIKRETE FastSet„¢ DOT Mix can be extended with aggregate to eliminate jobsite measuring and improves consistency, which reduces project labor costs. QUIKRETE FastSet„¢ DOT Mix, which is available in 55-pound and 80-pound bags, exceeds 3,000 PSI in 90 minutes, 4,500 PSI in three hours and more than 10,000 PSI in 28 days.

Bridge Support Repairs QUIKRETE Shotcrete MS QUIKRETE Shotcrete MS is a spray-applied, high-strength structural repair material for vertical, horizontal and overhead concrete structures including bridge arches, columns, piers, abutments, beams and tunnels. Specially designed for above and below grade repair where the micro-silica enhanced material can be applied over mesh, rebar and other structural reinforcement, QUIKRETE Shotcrete MS can be applied using a dry or wet process. Fiber reinforcement can be added to QUIKRETE Shotcrete MS to improve rebound and sag resistance. QUIKRETE Shotcrete MS, which is available in 50-pound and 80-pound bags as well as 3,000-pound bulk bags delivered through a silo system, achieves 3,200 PSI in 24 hours, 6,900 PSI in seven days and more than 9,000 PSI at 28 days.

QUIKRETE Form and Pour QUIKRETE Form and Pour is micro silica enhanced material used for structural building and repair applications to bridge arches, columns, piers, abutments, beams and tunnels. A high-flow, high-strength, shrinkage compensated concrete delivered through a pump system, QUIKRETE Form and Pour is appropriate for vertical and horizontal rehabilitation projects 1 ½ to 24 because it can be mixed from a stiff plastic consistency to a free flowing virtually self-consolidating consistency. QUIKRETE Form and Pour has low plastic shrinkage and is an air-entrained for freeze-thaw durability. In 28 days, it achieves 6,500 PSI at a 7 to 9 slump and more than 8,000 PSI at a 4 slump. QUIKRETE Form and Pour is available in 80-pound bags.

For more information on QUIKRETE commercial-grade repair products including technical data sheets, project profiles and a construction products guide visit www.QUIKRETE.com.

The QUIKRETE Companies The QUIKRETE Companies is the largest manufacturer of packaged concrete and cement mixes in the U.S. and Canada, and an innovative leader in the commercial building and home improvement industries. QUIKRETE also offers related products through numerous wholly-owned subsidiaries including Keystone Hardscapes, Pavestone, Custom Building Products, Contech, Rinker Materials„¢, Spec Mix, Target Technologies, Daubois and QPR. Collectively, The QUIKRETE Companies operates about 250 facilities in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and South America, allowing for unsurpassed distribution and product depth. Technical centers across the QUIKRETE network also ensure that professionals and consumers alike are provided with the most innovative and highest quality products available on the market. For more information on The QUIKRETE Companies or its products, visit www.quikrete.com or call (800) 282-5828.

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