Quantzig Reveals the Best Practices to Ensure Data Security in the Healthcare Industry


Quantzig, a pure-play analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the best practices to ensure data security in the healthcare industry.

Data security has started becoming a prime concern for firms operating in the healthcare industry. The personal healthcare data of patients received by institutions is valuable and a breach of this data can cost health care providers dearly in the long run. Such instances of data breach can also result in the loss of patient’s trust and goodwill.

Consequently, it has become important for healthcare institutions to take crucial measures to avoid data security breaches and protect the healthcare data of their patients. Companies in the healthcare industry need to be watchful of hackers to protect their confidential healthcare data from illegal access.

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“Healthcare companies should formulate supplementary data and make it mandatory to delete and audit patient information on regular intervals,” suggests a healthcare industry expert from Quantzig.

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Practices that can be Implemented to Ensure Healthcare Data Security:

Educate the staff

Today, many instances have come to light where the organizations staff was directly responsible for putting healthcare data at stake. So, it becomes crucial for the establishments to inform their employees about the actions that result in data security violations. They should also impart lessons on avoiding phishing, advice on choosing a secure password, and not disclosing credentials to third parties, etc. To gain more insights on how to implement efficient data security measures, Get in touch.

Ensure network protection

Hackers trying to breach data are looking for loopholes in the systems to gain access to healthcare data. So, healthcare organizations should be vigilant and opt for advanced tools and technologies. Also, firewall and anti-virus systems must be updated so that in case of data security breach, the damage is minimal. To know more about the ongoing practices in the healthcare industry, request for more information.

Encrypt portable devices

Data security breaches can also occur if the portable devices in which vital information are stored gets stolen or lost. To avoid such situations, companies must encrypt all their portable devices such as laptops, USB, smartphones, etc. that hold crucial patient information. The companys policies must be followed strictly if the encrypted devices are provided to the employees. To access the complete list of practices in healthcare data industry, view the full article here!

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