Quantzig: Private Banking Services Provider Gained Higher Return on Investment (ROI) from Marketing Campaigns with the Aid of Digital Analytics

Quantzig, a well-known marketing analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest digital analytics report for a private banking services company. The client is one of the best private banking services providers in the industry with over USD 20 billion in revenues. With rapid globalization across the globe, the firm was facing challenges in providing applications and software that were compliant and risk-free. This was hindering the financial performance of the company. This compelled the company to leverage Quantzigs digital analytics solutions to address the fluctuating demand for the services despite all the risks and stringent regulations across the banking industry.

With the increase in liquidity, it becomes crucial for companies in the private banking services industry to manage high-net-worth customers. The devaluation of customers’ assets due to the financial crisis puts constant pressure on banking service providers to shift from conventional banking models to a convenience-based model. This shift has forced companies to look for digital analytics solutions to make better use of insights obtained from websites, mobile applications, and sites.

Leveraging digital analytics solutions has helped companies in the banking sector to identify relevant data and create meaningful insights to make informed business decisions, says a market expert from Quantzig.

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The digital analytics solution devised by Quantzig helped the company to scrutinize flaws in their marketing mix strategies. They gained actionable insights on the performance of their websites. This helped them enhance their digital marketing strategies and drive a higher return on investment for each of their channels. Our solutions also helped the client to manage digital marketing plans with flexible dashboards and benchmarks.

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Quantzig’s digital analytics solutions helped the client to:

  • Calculate the return on investment for each marketing channel.
  • Analyze the growth of their business.
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Quantzig’s digital analytics solutions offered predictive insights on:

  • Managing digital marketing strategies with flexible dashboards and benchmarks.
  • Meeting the fluctuating demand for services.
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