Promega Awarding $10,000 Grants to Labs Working with Real-Time PCR Reagents

Promega Corporation is seeking three labs working with real-time PCR to receive $10,000 in free reagents, access to a VIP Technical Service Mentor providing comprehensive PCR support and specialized training on real-time PCR techniques. Applications are open to any research scientist or student enrolled in a life science undergraduate, graduate or postdoctoral program who is performing life science research and working with real-time PCR. Ideal candidates will be:

  • Starting a new lab and/or project;
  • Having challenges with real-time PCR in a current project; or
  • Looking to switch real-time PCR reagents

Promega is awarding the grants to learn more from these labs about their real-time PCR experiences, including the process of changing chemistry or using real-time PCR for the first time, since finding the right chemistry and optimizing the assay can be difficult.

Most people who are starting with real-time PCR are transitioning from end-point or what we would call standard PCR, says Promega Senior Applications Scientist Leta Steffen. Standard PCR is not particularly sensitive to say your primer set, your amplification efficiency, so real-time PCR really requires knowledge of how to design your primers, and how to optimize your assay for best efficiency.

Winners will partner with Promega to share project information and collaborate on projects such as scientific posters, white papers, webinars, blog posts or other opportunities. Applications are due May 15, 2019 and winners will be announced in June 2019. To apply, visit:

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