Plum Healthcare and Netsmart Partner to Innovate Technology to Enhance Integrated Care in Senior Living

Plum Healthcare (Plum), a leading senior living provider, has joined with healthcare IT company Netsmart in a 10-year strategic partnership to innovate technology solutions and services to enhance care delivery. This joint innovation-based partnership between a technology partner and a senior living provider will be a key component to support Plum as it expands into new service lines and offerings across more than 50 facilities throughout California and Nevada.

Plum and Netsmart will merge technology teams to effectively form one team focused on the advancement of Plum strategic initiatives through the use of technology. Plum will have access to a robust and extensive pool of Netsmart experts as well as industry-leading technology and resources. The combined team will leverage their collective knowledge to develop appropriate solutions and services to support integrated healthcare. This approach, along with Plums widespread experience in skilled nursing and home health care, supports their plans to create and manage an accountable care organization (ACO) to deliver comprehensive, coordinated care within their communities.

With this partnership, we are capitalizing on the superior configurability and interoperability of the Netsmart suite of solutions to design and implement systems that support our unique approach to providing care, said Plum CEO Cory Christensen. We recognize the need to better support our more than 50 facilities while also proactively taking steps to create what we need for future success as we partner with providers to collaborate and improve outcomes. Netsmart has an outstanding track record of developing and revolutionizing technology that meets the unique needs of diverse healthcare settings while simultaneously uniting them as the entire industry shifts to a more coordinated, value-based care approach. This opportunity presented itself as a natural fit for our long-term goals and we look forward to contributing to leading technology development in post-acute care.

The partnership and use of Netsmart solutions strongly position Plum to strengthen their status as a well-respected, high-volume provider. In addition to the co-development method to technology, Plum will utilize a Netsmart electronic health record (EHR) solution, myUnity, that combines all patient information within a single patient record across care settings along with an exhaustive data and analytics tool, gaining instant access to vital health information and actionable reports. Referral management, clinical decision support and access to the powerful Netsmart network, including the use of the Carequality interoperability framework, also helps solidify the foundation needed to support Plums long-term business plans while remaining competitive in the post-acute market.

Plum is very much an innovative, forward-thinking organization, said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine. Plum understands the complexities of healthcare, especially from a whole-person and value-based care perspective. As an organization, they are committed to help shape the future of how care is delivered in skilled nursing. We are excited to join arms and work together on this journey to transform the future of Plum and the rest of senior living.

About Plum Healthcare Group

Plum is a leading skilled nursing operator that provides a coordinated continuum of care for post-acute patients in more than 50 facilities and 5 home health and hospice agencies located in geographic clusters throughout California and Nevada.

Our business is technically the support of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. In a very real sense, the true heart of our company is developing people. We are motivated in our work by two devotions: first, to the unique, diverse group of people the facilities care for in illness or recuperation; second, to those who do that caring.

The impetus for founding Plum was our observation that those who choose to work in skilled nursing are among the kindest and most giving people to be found anywhere. Their devotion to their residents sees past age, illness, and infirmity to the true humanity inside each of them.

We are proud to devote our lives to helping and supporting independent, local facility staff and assisting them in their invaluable work. We see them as angels, and we consider it our duty to honor their individual creativity and allow them the freedom, training, and resources to succeed.

About Netsmart

Netsmart designs, builds and delivers electronic health records (EHRs), solutions and services that are powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use. Our platform provides accurate, up-to-date information that is easily accessible to care team members in behavioral health, care at home, senior living and social services. We make the complex simple and personalized so our clients can concentrate on what they do best: provide services and treatment that support whole-person care.

By leveraging the powerful Netsmart network, care providers can seamlessly and securely integrate information across communities, collaborate on the most effective treatments and improve outcomes for those in their care. Our streamlined systems and personalized workflows put relevant information at the fingertips of users when and where they need it.

For 50 years, Netsmart has been committed to providing a common platform to integrate care. SIMPLE. PERSONAL. POWERFUL.

Our more than 1,700 associates work hand-in-hand with our 600,000+ users in more than 25,000 organizations across the U.S. to develop and deploy technology that automates and coordinates everything from clinical to financial to administrative.

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Netsmart is pleased to support the EveryDayMatters Foundation, which was established for behavioral health, care at home, senior living and social services organizations to learn from each other and share their causes and stories.

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