Pharmacy Services Administrative Organizations Help Support Independent Pharmacies in Patient Care Excellence

For decades, independently owned pharmacies have maintained a reputation for locally rooted, personalized service. And in an increasingly competitive market, national chains have begun to put a premium on the consumer experience.

For todays community pharmacist, dedicating more face-to-face time with patients is no longer just a service ideal “ it is now an operational necessity to stay competitive in market, even against national chain rivals, said Candace Sullivan, vice president of Customer Experience for Pharmacy First, a national network of more than 2,300 independent pharmacies.

For community pharmacists, this is where a Pharmacy Services Administrative Organization (PSAO) can help by providing operational support that allows pharmacies to focus on customer service. In alignment with this position, Pharmacy First recently published Partnerships for Better Business, a white paper that explores how a high-functioning PSAO can help independent pharmacists balance the many tasks of running a business with the need to provide even deeper levels of customer care.

According to a study published in Pharmacy Times, high-risk patients see their pharmacist an average of 35 times a year, compared with four visits to their primary care physician and nine to specialists. The 2018 NCPA Digest found independent pharmacies are increasingly providing services such as immunizations, blood pressure monitoring, and medication therapy management and adherence.

A higher level of care leads to better patient outcomes. By freeing the pharmacy from time-consuming administrative tasks, the right PSAO partner helps independent pharmacies focus on nurturing customer relationships and increasing their impact on individual and community health, Sullivan said.

Partnerships for Better Business examines a PSAOs ability to help independent pharmacies cater to their customers, drive clinical improvement and boost quality by:

  • handling time-consuming business functions such as claims reconciliation and credentialing
  • negotiating third-party contracting with more favorable reimbursement terms and conditions
  • providing meaningful, data-based insights into the pharmacies clinical performance and productivity that help maximize medication adherence and reduce gaps in therapy

About Pharmacy First

Serving over 2,300 independent pharmacies in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, Pharmacy First provides services and support to keep its members competitive in an evolving market. Pharmacy First eases the administrative overhead of independent pharmacy operations by assisting with credentialing, third-party contract management and reconciliation, quality assurance, medication adherence services and more.

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