Paragon Software and Visuality Systems Cooperate to Deliver the Industry’s Best File-sharing Capabilities with Integrated SMB Protocol for OEMs Through Better Interoperability Between Windows and Non-Windows Machines


Paragon Software Group, a global industry leader in embedded and desktop file system drivers, and Visuality Systems, a global leader in commercial SMB (Server Message Block) software stacks, announce their partnership and cooperation in merging SMB server/client and file systems to deliver the best cross-platform SMB solutions for OEMs. Paragon Software Groups File System Link (FSL) delivers the industrys best cross-platform tools. NQE„¢ is a portable client and server solution that can be integrated into any embedded device with any OS, a CPU or compiler.

With the new partnership, Visuality Systems NQE series will be integrated into Paragons file system drivers enabling device OEMs active in industry verticals such as automotive, storage industry, consumer devices, aerospace and defense, medical, industrial automation, smart devices, to deliver secure cross-platform file sharing solution to their end customers. The integrated file sharing solution features secure SMB3 encryption, substantially smaller footprint and memory usage compared to open source stacks, benchmark leading data transfer speeds and unprecedented reliability.

Since its inception in 1998, Visuality Systems has pioneered the SMB protocol for commercial deployment developing the non-GPL licensed NQ„¢ products “ a commercial replacement for open-source SAMBA for Linux and to virtually any existing Operating System. The partnership with Paragon will provide Visuality Systems the ability to sell the Visuality Systems NQ product line to many more parts of the world and enter into further market sectors.

Sam Widerman, CEO of Visuality Systems, said, Visuality Systems is very proud to announce the partnership with Paragon. Both Visuality Systems and Paragon are industry experts with worldwide leading and certified technologies that are utilized in millions of devices around the globe. At the end it is all about customer requirements. Together Visuality Systems and Paragon can provide customers with solutions that are dependable, very well tested and reliable, plus introductions to more market sectors that will benefit both companies.

Konstantin Komarov, CEO of Paragon Software, commented: Our collaboration with Visuality Systems addresses the market demand for the performance-optimized file system drivers. NQE carries tremendous flexibility and being integrated into Paragons drivers, it brings secure cross-platform file-sharing capabilities to the next generation of devices.

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