Oxford Nanopore prevails against PacBio in final decision by US Court of Appeal that upholds ITC ruling

Oxford Nanopore announces that the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit today upheld the decision of the International Trade Commission (ITC) in favour of Oxford Nanopore. In a complaint previously filed by Pacific Biosciences, the ITC had previously ruled that the patents being asserted against Oxford Nanopore with claims directed towards a method of single molecule sequencing were limited to template-dependent synthesis.

The decision was also consistent with a recent decision by the European Patent Office to revoke Pacific Biosciences patent EP3045542 with claims to a single molecule sequencing process.

Pacific Biosciences has not succeeded in its strategy to try to prevent us from selling our real-time, direct sequencing technology, that can provide a full range of solutions from field-based sequencing to terabases of ultra long reads in a lab, said Gordon Sanghera, CEO.

The court issued a Rule 36 judgement, which is a unanimous confirmance of the ITC findings.

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