Ocean Harvest Technology Ltd Achieves Positive Results for OceanFeed Poultry in Trials at the University of Guelph, and in Commercial Applications

OceanFeed Poultry is a proprietary blend of red, brown, and green seaweeds containing unique polysaccharides and bioactives which is made by Ocean Harvest Technology Ltd. Positive trials demonstrate that it can be used as a supplement or feed ingredient in poultry diets.

Professor Elijah Kiarie, supervisor of the trials conducted at the University of Guelph said: We tested OceanFeedTM Poultry in broiler chickens fed antibiotic-free diets and observed significant improvements in growth performance, breast yield and metabolism modulation. The team believes some of these effects are attributed to seaweed bioactives’ impact on gut ecology and immunity, in this context further ongoing tests are measuring microbial community diversity and immune responses.

Roger Weber and Chris Tegenbosch, both commercial producers from Ontario, Canada stated: Weve been using OceanFeed Poultry on our farms for over a year and have seen similar production results, including mortality improvements of >1%, and ~1g/day increase in Average Daily Gain. The birds start faster on the OceanFeed, their litter is drier, and so were extremely happy with the results in our operations.

Graham Ellis, CEO of Ocean Harvest Technology summarized with: This is the latest in a set of trials we have been doing in poultry, swine, and bovine applications. Seaweed-based prebiotics can be a significant tool in the box for producers looking to gain or maintain performance in their operations, particularly as the world continues to move towards natural solutions, and the use of antibiotics is more tightly regulated. It’s great to see commercial users getting similar benefits to those we are seeing in our university trial program.

Ocean Harvest Technology Ltd will be at IPPE on stand A247, and trial results will be exhibited by Professor Kiarie at the same event.

About Ocean Harvest Technology

Ocean Harvest Technology Limited (OHT) is a global company that produces the OceanFeedTM animal feed ingredients based on proprietary formulae centered on the bioactive ingredients present in different seaweeds. The Company provides a range of natural ingredients focused on improving the health of animals, the environment, and the consumer. For more information please visit www.oceanharvesttechnology.com

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