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Nucamp Introduces New Disruptive Financial Model for Higher Education to Upend Illusory Benefits of Income Sharing Agreements (ISAs)


BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Aiming to disrupt the trend of students taking on too much risk on unregulated “Income Share Agreements'' (ISA) loans, Nucamp ( today announced a new business model to fund higher education with Fair Student Agreements. The Fair Student Agreement cuts the cost of funding education with loans and payment plans to as low as $8 per month, making it easier for students to pay for their education while learning. In addition, it allows students to avoid unregulated ISAs, which are often up to 2.5X the total cost of tuition.

Nucamp now offers three types of Fair Student Agreements. One is an interest-free payment plan and offered through Nucamp, and the other two are affordable loans with low monthly payments offered through Climb Credit, a student loan provider that offers innovative financing solutions to students through schools that offer skills-based training.

Nucamp, which has a mission to help those who have been left out of the digital economy to shift careers into software development, offers the industry's only truly affordable 22-week coding bootcamp for under $2,000. The extremely affordable cost is a huge shift from traditional bootcamps that cost $15,000$40,000. With Nucamp, whether students live in a big city, a suburb, or a rural area, they can conveniently get the coding skills they need without quitting their job, going into debt, or having to share their future income with Income Share Agreement (ISA) financing. Coding bootcamps largely use ISAs in lieu of traditional student loans and provide a proven pathway into high-paying jobs, but some of those ISAs have caveats that can hurt students, which is why Nucamp now offers a better and regulated alternative to protect students.

Since the pandemic started, Nucamp has seen enrollment of students entering its coding bootcamp increase by 20 percent, many of whom have fewer traditional educational credentials and are suffering the most during the pandemic. Fair Student Agreements help these students afford to attend a Nucamp coding bootcamp for a monthly payment that is similar to the cost of a Netflix subscription. Unlike unregulated ISAs, which are increasingly under greater scrutiny for deceiving customers, Fair Student Agreements offer a safe and—over the long term—much more affordable path for students to get a coding education and have access to a better life without risking over payment.

“The original intent of ISAs is commendable, but in an unregulated environment, ISA providers can sometimes add small print and footnotes, which means the reality isn't always good for students” said Ludo Fourrage, co-founder and CEO at Nucamp. “They are amplifying the student debt financial crisis created by the blunders of a broken university system and a government that refuses to leverage the power of its loan programs to bring down the cost of education.”

Fourrage continued, “Innovations like our Fair Income Student Agreements can work across all areas of education to prevent further destabilization, and could lead to the cost of education being reduced tenfold. We've made it easy for students to pay as they go so that by the time they graduate, the outstanding loan can be paid off in a reasonable timeframe.”

How Nucamp Fair Student Agreements Work
The Fair Student Agreements complement the company's already exceptionally low tuition, which is $1,480 for a 17-week Front-End Web and Mobile Development course and $1,880 for a 22-week Full-Stack Web and Mobile Development course. Students simply apply for a standard loan through Climb Credit and once approved, can join a Nucamp coding bootcamp. Because the loan term begins with interest-only payments, monthly payments can be as little as $8 per month once the coding bootcamp starts, which can easily be paid while they learn. After graduation, students can repay the remaining principal in 18 or 12 months for less than $90 or $131 respectively. In the end, the maximum total cost of the Fair Student Agreement to the student will be less than $210 for the 17-week bootcamp or less $310 than for a 22-Week bootcamp.

Like ISAs, Climb's programs are set up to ensure that the school is invested in making the students successful. Through the Fair Student Agreements, a portion of the total tuition is sent to Nucamp, when a student starts class, and the rest is held back. The remaining tuition is only sent to the school once that student starts paying back their loan—ensuring that schools are invested in making their student successful. This type of incentive alignment is one of the factors that makes ISAs attractive—and through this structure the benefit is available to students without the drawbacks of ISAs.

“It's core to our mission to partner with higher education providers who have proven education value that deliver life-changing skills with tangible financial outcomes,” said Angela Galardi Ceresnie, CEO at Climb Credit. “When we learned how committed Nucamp was to affordability—in addition to career results—we were excited to be their financial partner and structure a program that would offer extreme affordability to their students.”

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About Nucamp
Nucamp's mission is to help all aspiring career shifters currently left out of the digital economy learn to code. Nucamp offers the industry's only truly affordable 22-week coding bootcamp for under $2,000 and delivers a high-quality curriculum in small classes of 12 maximum students using a unique hybrid evening and weekend format. Our model relies on carefully selected industry professionals who want to share their passion for coding in their local community. With Nucamp, whether you live in a big city, a suburb or a rural area, you can get the coding skills you need without quitting your job, getting into debt, or having to share your future income. For more information, visit

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HKGSEO Provides Free Website SEO Analysis and Consulting Services


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 5 January 2021 – The COVID-19 epidemic has lasted for nearly a year. The sharp fall in the street traffic has been affecting core shopping districts everywhere. In addition, under the “Anti-epidemic Fund”, the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) launched the ” Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme subsidy. Increasing number of large and medium-sized enterprises have turned to the online market, setting up websites and opening online shops, in an effort to open up online sales channels to recover some of their businesses during the epidemic.


As many companies are not familiar with website technology, website optimization and SEO promotion are often ignored. In fact, SEO is one of the highest ROI of many online marketing channels and it is worthy of a long-term investment.


HKGSEO has performed SEO for more than 500 enterprises, with the SEO process bringing considerable traffic and sales to the companies. Leveraging on their years of experience, they now provide free website analysis (worth HK$2,000) for all content types. Here are some website analysis projects HKGSEO has engaged in:


CMS Web Content Management System


We recommend using the most popular CMS in the market to build a website. Well-known CMS such as WordPress, Wix, Shopline, and Shopify will make it easier to manage web content and make the website easier to crawl and index by search engines.


HKGSEO hence cautions against web design companies that use their own CMS. Generally speaking, these websites are not SEO friendly. For example, they might have undesirable attributes such as duplicate page titles, dynamic URLs, or category pages that cannot update new content, etc. These attributes are disadvantageous to implementing SEO plans, which ultimately leads to the redesigning of the entire website, resulting in a much higher cost.


SSL Website Security Certificate


If your website does not have an SSL certificate (HTTPS) installed, it will be marked as an insecure website by the browser, which will adversely affect the credibility and conversion rate. SSL should be installed immediately to protect customer information, especially for e-commerce websites. There are some free SSLs available on the market, such as Let’s Encrypt, with paid premium certificates recommendation by online shops.


Mobile Version of The Website


The latest personal computer and Internet penetration survey published by the Census and Statistics Department shows that more than 5.97 million people in Hong Kong have mobile phones, and 99.7% of the users access the Internet on smartphones, higher than those connected to computers or other devices. Besides, Google has launched the Mobile-First Indexing mobile version of content priority indexing. If your website does not have a mobile version, the ranking will be poor and a lot of traffic will be lost.


Website Loading Speed


According to research, more than 68% of viewers will leave a website when it takes more than 3 seconds to open. The main reason for the slow loading is the use of shared hosting or non-local hosting. Switching to local hosting, SSD or CDN can effectively improve the loading speed.


Website Content


Is the website content of high quality? Does it answer the questions of potential consumers? To build up the content, some corporate websites have piled up keywords, and some have published blog articles regularly. However the content of the articles is sometimes plagiarized from news media. Plagiarism makes search engines recognize the overall website quality as low, which will in turn affect the ranking.


Websites and online shops are platforms that promote businesses. An optimized website will reward twice the results with half the effort of both online and offline marketing campaigns combined.


Please log onto, fill in the website, email and contact number, and our network promotion experts will reply within one working day and arrange a free SEO analysis and consultation.



HKGSEO focuses on website SEO services. It is founded and operated by former Google employees. The company is based in Hong Kong and has branches in Shenzhen, Singapore and Australia. It is committed to providing affordable, one-stop digital marketing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Digital marketing solutions include: SEO, SEM, social media promotion and web design, etc.


Website (Chinese)

Website (English)

Email:[email protected]

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Dachser organized its first westbound block train from China to Germany


The time-and-cost-effective rail service offers an immediate and reliable solution for multiple customers during the peak season


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 7 January 2021 – Fifty
FEU containers carrying chemical, industrial and retail goods departed from
Suzhou, China and reached its destination terminal at Ludwigshafen, Germany in 31
days on December 29 amidst the busy peak season. This is the first westbound
block train organized by logistics service provider Dachser, which established its
eastbound block train service earlier at 2020.


[View Image]

Dachser’s first westbound block train arrived at
Ludwigshafen from Suzhou in 32 days amidst the
peak season.


The “New Silk Road”, connecting China to
Europe via Erenhot in Mongolia, then Russia, Belarus and Poland, offers an
overland route with stable conditions for transporting chemical goods, and this
option is faster than container sea freight ships.


On top of chemical products, Dachser is
seeing a trend that more customers from diversified industries have shown
interest in intermodal transportation.


“The pandemic has brought more demand on
rail freight due to the shortage of air and sea freight capacity. The current
peak season has added fuel to the market, so it brings even more customers from
various industries, such as retail to look for rail as an alternative solution,”
said Yves Larquemin, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Far East North.


“Shipping by rail is more reliable in terms
of time, customers can avoid blank sailing by vessel carriers or sudden flight cancellations.
In terms of cost, rail freight is more economical than air.”


Thanks to the strong partnership with the
railway operator RTSB, Dachser can apply the extra block train via Suzhou flexibly.
The Dachser team in China also coordinated with RTSB to handle all pre-carriage
procedures including pick up, gate-to-terminal and customs clearance. When the
train arrived Ludwigshafen in Germany, Dachser’s branch in Mannheim immediately
organized with a local intermodal freight transport company to divert the
containers to Ludwigshafen am Rhein as well as further cities in Germany such
as Duisburg and Schwarzhede.


The rail solution from Suzhou to Ludwigshafen
by Dachser is highly appreciated by its customers and it may become a reliable option
to connect the two continents in the future.

About Dachser

Headquartered in Germany, Dachser is one of the world’s leading logistics providers. Using its own in-house developed IT-systems, Dachser incorporates transport, warehousing, and value-added services to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions. Thanks to some 31,000 employees based in 393 locations all over the globe, Dachser generated a consolidated net revenue of approximately EUR 5.7 billion in 2019. The same year, the logistics provider handled a total of 80.6 million shipments weighing 41.0 million metric tons. Country organizations represent Dachser in 44 countries.


In Asia, Dachser employs more than 1,696 people in 48 locations in 12 Business Areas. Its Asia Pacific Regional Head Office is located in Hong Kong.


For more information about Dachser, please visit

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Joinland Group Anticipates Better 2021


New Agricultural Projects Expected To Contribute To Group Revenues


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 12 January 2021 – The Joinland Group, a diversified Malaysian conglomerate of varied business interests, is looking forward to the future with optimism, due to two new agricultural projects that are coming onstream in Sarawak over the course of the year.


Dato’ Sri Thomas Hah Tiing Siu, the founder of Joinland, said, “We have decided to invest in the agricultural aspect of our business, both to diversify income for the overall group and because it’s clear as that there is both high and growing demand particularly for fresh pineapple/coconut and pineapple/coconut-based products from neighbouring countries, the Middle East and China. As such we began pineapple and coconut planting in the Sungai Rait and Kuala Baram areas of Sarawak earlier this year. We believe that this will create an important revenue stream for the business moving forward.”


According to Malaysia’s Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) Malaysia exported RM419 million in pineapple products in 2019 — a 60% increase over 2018* — and the Ministry also predicted annual growth for the industry exceeding 5%.** Likewise, while coconut is currently Malaysia’s fourth largest industrial crop, behind oil palm, rubber and rice, the demand for coconut products has also been growing rapidly driven by higher awareness of the health benefits of the fruit.***


As part of its agricultural focus, Joinland has invested in R&D, technology and automation to ensure the best productivity, fruit quality, storage and delivery in the industry. Joinland will be planting the ‘Matag’ variety coconut and the ‘MD2, N36 and Josapine’ pineapple variants.


The company is focusing on downstream processing to ensure value creation for its agricultural products and to ensure compliance with food and safety standards (HACCP, Halal, GMP, MesTi, etc.), which will in turn ensure the marketability and premium pricing of these products through the company’s international partnerships and sales channels. 


The Joinland Group, which is headquartered in Miri, Sarawak, is involved in many different businesses including a major agro-forestry project on the island of New Hanover in Papua New Guinea, Swiftlet Farming in Sarawak, real-estate management (including developments in Malaysia, Singapore and China) and substantial investments in seven other businesses in Malaysia, Singapore, China and New Zealand.


Just as it has done for businesses worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic did impact Joinland’s revenues and operations in 2020. The biggest impact was on the company’s Swiftlet Farming operations, with both a reduction in the price of edible bird nests (due to reduction of tourism and interstate transportation complications), as well as operational issues (travel restrictions) which limited oversight of the production houses.   

Commenting on this Dato’ Sri Thomas Hah Tiing Siu, commented, “We expect that things will gradually improve in 2021, although this may take a while. Many of the very severe restrictions that were imposed with the first Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia have gradually eased, which has helped, but we will continue to face challenges in 2021, particularly in the Swiftlet Farming element of our business due to the low-price of edible bird nests, labour supply issues and increased operational costs due to higher transportation charges. This is why we are delighted to have got our new agricultural projects underway.”


In concluding, Dato Sri Thomas, said, “Despite the unpredictable nature of life at the moment, I am confident that Joinland Group is well positioned to ride out any further turbulence thanks to the wide ranging and diverse nature of our business. We are excited about what the future holds and are looking forward to growing the business further during 2021.” 





About Joinland Group

The Joinland Group is a diversified Malaysian conglomerate including property, plantation, forestry and agricultural management, insurance and shipping businesses, to name a few. The company operates businesses and investments in many markets including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, Papua New Guinea, China and New Zealand, among others.


The company was founded by Dato’ Sri Thomas Hah Tiing Siu, a self-made entrepreneur who started out in the cold storage business. In 2013 he was awarded the honorary title of Dato’ Sri by the Sultan of Pahang (Malaysia) in recognition of his management skills and business acumen in building the Joinland Group.


For more information on the Joinland Group please visit

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