Nexeon Announces Submission for FDA Innovation Challenge

Dallas, TX, Oct. 11, 2018 — Nexeon MedSystems Inc (”Nexeon”) (OTCQB: NXNN), a neurostimulation medical device company, announces that it has submitted an application in response to the FDA Innovation Challenge: Devices to Prevent and Treat Opioid Use Disorder.

Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), characterized by problematic symptoms of addiction to and withdrawal from opioids, is part of a public health crisis affecting more than 2 million Americans with significant physical, emotional, and cognitive impairment. Nexeon is developing the Zero PointTM Stimulation System, a non-invasive neurostimulation device designed to provide low-levels of electrical stimulation to activate nerves for the treatment of a number of diseases and disorders, including opioid withdrawal. 

Through the Innovation Challenge, Nexeon is requesting the FDA’s early involvement in the regulatory plan with the goal of making Zero Point available over-the-counter. Nexeon is in early stages of clinical investigation but believes that Zero Point will provide an effective and rapid improvement in opioid withdrawal symptoms. If made available over-the-counter, recovering addicts will be able to find the relief that they need to persist through the detoxification phase and transition to maintenance therapy without relapse to recurrent opioid use to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.   

“The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis that necessitates any and all innovation that can curb the devastation that opioid abuse is causing to individuals, friends, family members, and loved ones,” said Will Rosellini, CEO of Nexeon. “Given the promising signs that neurostimulation can relieve the symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal, we believe it is necessary to respond to the FDA’s innovation challenge and do all we can to provide treatment options. We applaud the FDA’s efforts to address the epidemic of opioid misuse and abuse.”

About Nexeon MedSystems Inc: Nexeon MedSystems, Inc. is a global medical device company focused on providing innovative neurostimulation products that are designed to improve the quality-of-life of patients suffering from debilitating neurological diseases.  Nexeon is developing and is commercializizing a neurostimulation system that can be utilized to treat a variety of neurological diseases.  

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