New Way Now Aims to Break Stigma of Depression

New organization establishes a community centered on education, treatment and acceptance for depression and other mental health conditions

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 11, 2018 — Former CNN anchor, celebrated author and depression awareness advocate Schatzie Brunner today announced the launch of a new nonprofit organization, New Way Now, an educational resource for those suffering from depression. Founded to break the stigma around depression, New Way Now offers a community space to learn about the symptoms of depression and discover available treatment options.

“Too many people suffer with depression in silence – afraid to tell others about their symptoms and never seeking treatment,” said Brunner. “I was one of these people for far too long, so I understand the fear and the isolation that depression can cause.  But, I also now know the hope and healing that treatment and opening up to others about depression can bring.  With the creation of New Way Now, we hope to persuade people to talk about their experiences with depression, encouraging those around them to seek treatment or seeking it themselves.”

Millions of American adults are affected by depression each year, and it has become the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for people ages 15 to 44, according to a 2016 study by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. It is estimated that one in five people with depression in the US do not seek treatment for it. The effects of depression can be debilitating, severely impacting those suffering and often impairing their work performance and ability to manage day-to-day responsibilities. In fact, a U.S. study concluded that depression costs businesses more than $31 billion in work productivity losses.

New Way Now aspires to drive social acceptance of depression by providing tools to recognize symptoms of mental illness, debunking misconceptions and providing methods to help accommodate those that are experiencing symptoms of depression. It employs a user-friendly approach to mental healthcare, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and community when seeking treatment.

New Way Now’s medical team is led by acting president W. Scott West, M.D., nationally known psychiatrist in Nashville, Tenn.  Through an online patient health questionnaire designed by medical professionals, the New Way Now website helps people to pinpoint the level of depression they may be feeling. The questionnaire helps people understand their degree of depression, which is the first step to combatting the disease and creating opportunity for social conversation. For visitors living in Tennessee and Kentucky, the New Way Now website also provides information on local resources for mental health treatment and support. 

In addition to offering online tools and resources for those with depression and other mental health disorders, New Way Now leaders will be working within communities to raise awareness of depression and engaging community groups, educational institutions and employers in efforts to reduce stigma and encourage treatment. 

“Getting more people treatment for depression is central to reducing substance use, preventing suicide, strengthening families and communities, and creating a healthier and more productive workforce,” said Brunner.  “We look forward to working with individuals, advocates and business leaders to tackle this important issue and make a difference in people’s lives.”

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About New Way Now Founded by Schatzie Brunner, a mental health advocate, New Way Now is an educational resource for those suffering from depression and their families. The organization seeks to encourage and foster unbiased conversations, both formal and informal, around the visual cues made by people, both intentionally and unintentionally, suffering emotional discord without diagnoses. New Way Now aims to educate all areas of our culture on ways to support themselves and others suffering in silence.

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