New Truth Trade Podcast Tackles Fake News

In a series of podcast interviews on new website The Truth Trade, CEO and co-founder of strategic communications consultancy Verbalisation, Sven Hughes conducts a series of discussions with key figures in the communications and political world. The interviews are designed to break news and shine the light on some of the questions raised about the influence industry and what can be done to maintain an ethical stance and good practices.

The work of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook earlier this year revealed the dark arts that were being used, now Sven Hughes is looking to create greater transparency and what key figures can do to going forward.

In this brand-new series with some of the world’s leading practitioners from the modern influence industry, Sven conducts high-profile interviews with key figures like UK Secretary of State for International trade Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, former CEO of Bell Pottinger Lord Tim Bell, ex-SCL Group CEO Nigel Oakes and former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nakrassov. With so much speculation about fake news and the dark arts of strategic communications, this initiative sets out to understand the realities and effects of contemporary influence.

In his newest podcast, Sven interviews UK Secretary of State for International trade Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP and asks him key questions on trade in the post-Brexit world, the landscape of the political arena in the U.K and what he thinks can be done to help regulate the communications space.

Rt Hon Dr. Liam Fox MP said: “It seems to me that the Brexit debate may have done two things simultaneously. One is it has awakened in Britain an interest in the world beyond Europe and it has awakened in the world beyond Europe an interest in Britain.”

In his first interview since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Nigel Oakes told Sven about how Cambridge Analytica was accused of improperly harvesting the personal data of Facebook users. Oakes compared the behavioural methodology used at SCL to a gun, discussing how it could be weaponised to get results.

In this interview, he said: “We’ve developed a gun that works. And should it be regulated? Yes, it should, very much so. Now is the time regulation should come in, just as you would regulate gun sales.”

Discussing his background as founder of the Behavioural Dynamics Institute and later SCL (formerly Strategic Communication Laboratories), Oakes admitted: “For many years I operated without much of an ethical radar because I was just so impressed we’d got something that actually worked, in an environment where so much didn’t.”

A podcast with various key personalities is due to be published regularly over the course of 2018 and Sven Hughes is hoping to answer the following questions: Who are the people that set today’s global agenda? What do they actually do? Should the public be concerned? And what does the future hold for the global influence industry?

Sven Hughes said: “our industry must demonstrate transparency, accountability and possibly even self-regulation. These interviews are, I hope, a step in the right direction”