New Study Shows Japanese-brand Automakers Generate 1.52 Million Jobs in U.S. as Part of Decades-long Commitment


A new employment study prepared for the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Associations U.S. office (JAMA USA) by Rutgers University Economics Professor Thomas J. Prusa, PhD, shows Japanese-brand automakers generate 1.52 million jobs throughout the U.S. The study, entitled The Contribution of the Japanese-Brand Automakers to the United States Economy, provides a comprehensive look at the robust, longstanding investments by Japanese-brand automakers in the U.S. economy and U.S. workforce.

Notably, this latest report shows continued growth in direct, dealer network, intermediate and spin-off employment nationwide. The new data reinforces a decades-long story of strong growth and sustained investment across the United States by Japanese-brand automakers, says Dr. Prusa. In addition to their direct and dealer employment, these companies support approximately 250,000 jobs in the U.S. automotive supplier network, actively strengthening the American manufacturing base.

Dr. Prusas latest study confirms what we have long understood: Japanese-brand automakers commitment to America yields tangible benefits for families and communities across the country, says JAMA USA General Director Manny Manriquez. Were proud that Japanese-brand automakers’ cumulative direct U.S. employment has increased nearly 28% since 2011, compared to a six percent growth rate in overall U.S. manufacturing employment over the same time period, says Manriquez.

These figures prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that JAMA members are a vital force in the U.S. economy, with nearly four decades of sustained investment in manufacturing alone. This long-term commitment demonstrates the enduring strength of the U.S.-Japan economic relationship, and we urge leaders in Washington, D.C. to keep this in mind as they consider trade policies that will impact the trajectory of the American auto industry, of which our member companies are an integral part.”

The full report is available here.

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Juliet Guerra