New Research Results: Most Sales Organizations Do Little or No Coaching – But Those that Do Coach See a Big Increase in Sales Performance

The sales performance, coaching, and training firm “ Integrity Solutions “ has new research results on the impact of coaching on sales team performance.

The findings “ from a study of more than 200 sales leaders done in partnership with the Sales Management Association “ point to dramatic implications for organizations that prioritize coaching and do it well. But the results also come with a caution for many firms that dont.

According to the research, three quarters of those surveyed believe sales coaching is important “ yet roughly the same number say they do little or no coaching. Whats more, less than half “ 46% of the sales leaders surveyed “ think their organization is any good at coaching, even though they may claim to value it highly.

The survey polled sales leaders at 193 organizations. The findings point to a big performance gap for the organizations that say theyre good at coaching “ and do it regularly. Those organizations are 15% more likely to hit their revenue goals compared to other organizations.

These results paint a very clear picture: Most sales leaders know coaching drives stronger results “ but they dont coach or dont do it well, said Mike Esterday, CEO of Integrity Solutions. But those that do coach “ are good at it and do it regularly “ have sales teams that outperform all others.

The data also points to a common hang-up with coaching. Some 63% of those surveyed say their company lacks a clear definition of what coaching is “ and isnt. Managers in those organizations often rely on their own instincts and experience to define coaching, which has direct impact on whether its effective or not.

We know that sales managers often see coaching incorrectly “ and thats often because they were not coached themselves “ so they have little understanding of how it should work, how it can make such a difference in performance, said Esterday. If you were never coached “ youre less likely to know how to coach and unlikely to value it.

The survey findings show huge gains for organizations that provide coaching for their sales managers “ whats often referred to as coaching the coaches. Those firms are 23% more likely to achieve their sales goals than organizations that dont coach their managers.

Details on the new coaching research results “ including a quick guide for an organizations coaching proficiency and steps for building a robust coaching culture “ are available in a complimentary research brief from Integrity Solutions. Key findings are detailed in an infographic which is also available as a complimentary download.

The new research builds on a 2017 study by Integrity Solutions and the Sales Management Association that showed how top-performing companies get a 20% boost in sales by focusing on developing their salespeoples passion, attitudes, beliefs, and the drive to achieve. The 2017 survey polled more than 200 global sales teams.

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