New LawZam Consults Mobile-Friendly Platform Allows Lawyers to Sell Online Video Consultations


Officially launching today, LawZam Consults ( is a new videochat consulting platform allowing lawyers to sell web-based legal consultations to clients online. LawZam Consults offers fee-based consultations for 15-60 minute sessions, replacing the popular LawZam free videochat network which has been used by 2000+ lawyers to date. LawZams mobile-friendly platform can be accessed over any internet connection by computers, smartphones and tablets.

With LawZam Consults, lawyers set their own billable rates for consultations and keep 100% of their legal fees. In exchange, lawyers pay LawZam a monthly subscription fee based on usage requirements “ details shown below. Lawyers can try LawZam Consults once for free–they can conduct one paid legal consultation with a client and receive 100% of their fee without subscribing to LawZam.

Both lawyers and clients benefit from LawZam Consults. Lawyers can develop new clients while generating revenue. Clients can obtain legal advice for consultations up to one hour without paying an expensive retainer fee up-front.

LawZam reviews attorneys registrations before allowing them to join the network. Lawyers must be licensed and in good standing with their bar associations.

LawZam co-founder and attorney Claudio Dunkelman remarked: LawZam Consults is the first platform to allow lawyers to sell video consultations online. Our platform makes legal advice affordable and available to consumers on demand. Were thrilled to introduce LawZam Consults to benefit clients and attorneys on our network.

Lawyer Seth Combs, a partner at Wicker Law Office in Kentucky, is looking forward to using LawZam Consults, having successfully used the LawZam attorney network to generate business. Combs said: Using LawZam has brought me new clients I would not have gotten otherwise. For example, I recently represented a client referred by LawZam and the case turned into a bodily injury and personal property damage case that paid very well. The client was located several counties away, where we have no advertising whatsoever, and he would have never discovered our firm if not for LawZam.

LawZam Consults subscription pricing for lawyers offers 3 levels: Basic (up to 5 paid consultations/month) @ $49/month; Professional (up to 10 per month) @ $79/month; and Enterprise (unlimited) @ $125/month. A free Trial is also available. Enterprise subscriber profiles receive highest visibility and earliest access to cases, followed by Professional, Basic and Trial subscribers respectively. For more information, view our video or visit

About LawZam

LawZam is a nationwide attorney network connecting legal clients with attorneys. The network has received over 50,000 cases since its launch in 2012, and has grown to include over 2000 lawyers covering a wide spectrum of experience, including business, family, personal injury, criminal defense, and many other practices. LawZam was developed by Los-Angeles based attorneys Brendan Ludwick and Claudio Dunkelman. LawZam Consults is a subscription-based service for lawyers, enabling them to sell 15-60 minute consultations to clients by video conference. For more information, please email [email protected] or visit

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