Navigate, New gA Platform Streamlines Business Decision-Making


gA, a global leader in Digital Business Consulting services, introduces Navigate: the first platform designed to help business managers make more agile decisions by taking advantage of all available data.

Combining Data Science and Process Intelligence, Navigate connects and analyzes relevant information to evaluate business results and predict possible future scenarios. It allows gathering information from different sources and combining that data with the fingerprints each process generates, Navigate is the best tool for management.

Navigate main benefits are:

  • Streamlines decision making based on real data from the operation
  • Generates recommendations through the prediction of results and simulation of different business scenarios
  • Detects on-time processes that are not being executed in compliance with regulations

Diego Lozano, gAs Global Head for Digital Platforms explains: “Navigate helps solve specific business problems. It generates a virtual map of an organization – its digital twin – converting data and processes into valuable information, while providing a novel and effective way to manage the challenges of your business by taking advantage of the huge volumes of data available today.”

Created as ‘Platform as a service’, it enables working at different levels:

  1. Rebuild processes through fingerprints: identifies every interaction that users have had with information systems in all instances of a process. It allows user to detect failures and inefficiencies and quickly monetize the suggested improvements.
  2. Alert and suggests: developed with Artificial Intelligence, it understands what the proper behavior of a process should be and alerts when that behavior is not met. In addition, it suggests improvement actions based on what has been learned in past interactions.
  3. Predict and simulate: using Data Science, the platform anticipates possible future scenarios, simulating their results.

According to Gartners report by analyst Marc Kerremans: “Market Guide for technologies supporting DTO,” a “Digital Twin” of an organization allows innovation leaders to prioritize, guide, plan and monitor the transformation initiatives in the scale that is necessary. Without the help of some type of “navigator” the risk of failure increases dramatically.

Navigate applies Kerremans concept to a robust, accessible and scalable solution that has predesigned content, including indicators and variables relevant to business. In addition, it is compatible with any base technology (ERP), is applicable to any industry and business and is designed for use within different areas of a company, from Operations to Logistics, Supply Chain and Sales to Human Resources.

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