Monese offer 20 million UK & European students a free UK Current Account and EuroIBAN Account

Monese are now offering their Student Account free for one year to all university students at European and UK

Monese, the mobile only banking service, has taken the extraordinary step of offering all students across Europe and the UK who are starting new University places in September, free banking.

The Student Account offers free access to all the features of a Monese Plus Plan for 1 year, which would usually cost €4.95 or £4.95/month, meaning all students will make substantial savings on transfer fees and banking charges.

Like all Monese accounts, the Student Account can be opened in just 2 minutes, with no proof of address and no UK credit checks, giving access to all the following:

  1. Free UK current account
  2. Free Euro IBAN account
  3. Free contactless debit card
  4. 6 free ATM withdrawals per month
  5. Free and instant transfers between Monese accounts
  6. Foreign currency exchange at market leading rates of only 0.5% fee
  7. Multiple ways to top-up, including local/international transfers, card top-ups and cash top-ups at 40,000 PayPoint and Post Office locations

Norris Koppel, CEO and Founder of Monese, says:

Going to university can be hugely expensive, and with all the high street banks desperately offering overdraft facilities, many students will find themselves stuck in a spiral of debt that can take years to pay back.

It’s a huge worry, so we want to help students focus on building foundations for their future by providing safe and secure banking free for one year with the Monese Plus Plan, which they can open in just 2mins, with no proof of address and no credit check.”

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